Angela Merkel and the rising German-American lebensraum


One says that the Germans built the rail tracks and axles in order to facilitate an invasion of Russia.


                                                                                                          Jules Verne

By Nicolas Bonnal

I was reading Dostoyevsky's so actual diaries and he is emphasizing two facts: the first is that a bloating Germany deeply despised France after its victory in 1870; and the second is that the same arrogant imperial Germany wanted and needed her war against Russia. As we know, this war was too predicted by Jules Verne in Claudius Bombarnac and would occur in two phases, 1914 and 1941. Dostoyevsky remarks objectively that the Germans are a fiery and warrior race, that they naturally need war and domination. 

Now the war is commerce and it almost allows German businessmen and bureaucrats to dominate Europe and half of the world, given that they show some respect to their American masters and give some guarantees about how to deal with recalcitrant Arabs and of course enduring Russia. The Germans, having already interiorized a deep respect to their Saxon masters and models, enthusiastically demonstrate submission.   

Of course, the more you show your deference to your masters, the more you gloat over your inferiors. This was too a peculiar Prussian trait. 

Chancellor Schroeder had behaved well in Europe, trying to get closer with Russia and France, and bravely opposing the war against Iraq that is giving all the brilliant prospects one could expect. Nevertheless he left his fellow citizens with a lowering social status; this decline of the German way of life leaded to an explosion of working poor that made possible a Chinese-like industrial and commercial boom. 17 million people work for less than ten euros per hour.

This is when arrogance stroke back in Germany. And we promptly discovered a new and mysterious chancellor whose politics had currently three trends: submitting the country to the American imperial agenda; threatening Russia and humiliating Europe. I shall commence with Europe whose final martyrdom has clearly begun with employee Angela Merkel and is not near to end.

As we know the rising debt had nothing to do with people's demands and social protection; rather with the creation of the Euro and the banksters' madness. Spain, Portugal, Greece or France now is submitted to gruesome measures and non-ending humiliations. The only purpose of these measures is to maintain a currency currently ruining our economies since fifteen years now; and paving the way to a global European-American state based on federal zones. This is the agenda actually promoted by our socialist government in France: disintegrating what is left of our regions to turn them into Lander.  

What we know too is that Germany's exports match those of France, England and Italy together. Congratulations, friends, but what is the purpose here? Where is this industrial and commercial will to power leading us to? This reign of quantity is becoming embarrassing and automatically ends on imperialistic behaviour or wars. See the beginning of last century for instance.

We know not how low Europe can fall under the Merkel rule; for German inspectors and tax collectors keep threatening the weakest nations and are always requiring social cuts. Yet a local minister had the audacity to denounce the rising fascist vote in France. Has Germany the historical and moral records to give us that type of advice?  We know who is commanding his country but what is commanding this schmuck's bright mind?

But the worse is to come. One could expect that given her moral debt (26 millions Russians killed by German barbarism during the precedent war) and her commercial and geographical interests, Germany would keep good relations with Russia. After all, American and English planes bombed and exterminated German population from 1942 and American generals starved this people until 1948, when they realized that the whole Europe was becoming communist.

But this is not the case. Here the bleak and mysterious Angela Merkel is obeying again a hostile agenda and the steps of a new lebensraum. Of course this lebensraum doesn't serve the interests of the Germans (but did the precedent serve them?); it basically serves the interest of the never-ending boundaries of the American Empire; it basically serves the interest of the NATO who put to power with néocon agents the rascals we know in Ukraine. Of course we know too that the German generals and Junkers twice created a Ukrainian puppet-state in 1918 and in 1941. You can't lose bad habits like that.

Nobody is exaggerating or forging one second. World-famous mentor Brzezinski wrote - in his programmatic Chessboard:

Germany feels it has a special responsibility for the newly emancipated Central Europe, in a manner vaguely reminiscent of earlier notions of a German-led Mitteleuropa.

A candid Brzezinski adds too that there is a periodic French flirtation with Moscow in order to offset the American-German coalition.

As we know, the American-German coalition is now following an old Drang nach Osten agenda, and a marked for redemption Germany is submitting herself to the chaotic American leadership and risks to blow the whole future of our Eurasian continent.

We will end like Mesopotamia.

Irresponsible Merkel, whose electorate median age is beyond sixty, recently said Vladimir Putin was "living in another world". Almost a compliment! Well, Vladimir Putin - who is compared to Hitler by odious Hillary Clinton and other culture distorters - is above all living in Europe. We too live in Europe and we would appreciate not to be considered as second class citizens of the new lebensraum run by the American elites and their German executants. The actual behaviour of Brzezinski's American-German coalition and the NATO Drang nach Osten is leading us to a new European disaster.

We know not how low Europe can fall under the Merkel rule.

As soon as we entered Germany, the six Germans in my compartment began to talk about war and Russia.

                         Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

 Nicolas Bonnal

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov