How the French resilience can reshape Europe

By Nicolas Bonnal

The French electoral earthquake has surprised nobody but the hostile elite who handle our affairs and the presstitute media (to put it in the terms of Mr Craig Roberts) who still try to control the minds in the world. The old country is now under fire as was Austria more than ten years ago. At this time it was fake Gaullist Chirac who conducted the moral crusade against the small continental country. Now who will guide the crusade against the French elector?

For there is a big monster to kill: the National Front, a party that wants to put an end to our attractive post-modernity made of cultural nihilism, replacement of population and lunatic plutocracy. This attitude clearly deserves a punishment, where will it come from?

Will Dr. Barack Obama send his drones or his Halliburton mercenaries in order to bring back the former Great nation to the doghouse of the new World Order? Will the freedom fighters of Al Qaeda be sent from Syria to France in order to submit the French recalcitrant elector? After all, according to one of our ministers, they have done a good job in Damas and around...

For the national front is now the first party of France and it is well known that the rebellious party has the better reserves among the huge cohorts of abstention. The UMP, the puppet party of former president Sarkozy, is not able to replace the actual longing socialist party: corruption and the pitiful balance left by the precedent administration are enough for the elector. And Hollande, now considered "the most incompetent of statesmen in the world" has still three years to endure and he will use every minute of it to damage our country - like he has contributed to damage Libya, Syria or of course Ukraine. Yes, it is the same chain of global disasters poor French elite contribute to.

Talking of the national Front, it is well known too that the first party of France (now the socialists rule this country with a mere 6% of the electors) is a friend of Russia and an admirer of Putin. This sounds like an echo of de Gaulle and of Chateaubriand, when the great romantic writer - the best French diplomat of his time - promoted a French-Russian alliance. When I interviewed Jean-Marie Le Pen for two years ago, he defended the unification of a great Europe, like de Gaulle, from Brest to Vladivostok. Let us remind him in his own terms:

I am campaigning for the creation of a harmonious ensemble, animated by the vision of a common destiny of the entire boreal area, from Brest to Vladivostok.

This is why the treatment by the global media is interesting when it comes to Putin or the National Front. Both navigate in "another world" (to put it in the terms of the suddenly inspired Angela!), both believe in ideals fallen into desuetude like nations, spirituality, roots, geopolitics and gentlemen's agreements. Both are of course considered new Hitler in Europe, both are despised, humiliated, caricatured, demonized by a press that has no more arguments to give.

The awful truth, since Obama has been elected, is that the new World order needs no gloves.

The huge debt artificially created by the banksters who rule our unfortunate destinies is enough to compel weak, coward or corrupted ministers and commissars. The only tools left to the Western elites are the lies. The more it takes our liberties and our money (and many human lives in Ukraine and elsewhere) the more the Western madness boasts to be Democracy. We should remind them how democracy ended in Greece or in Rome.

Marine Le Pen has beautifully handled her campaign, avoiding jingoist traps and directing her attacks against this global order made of cynical oligarchies, treacherous treaties of commerce, systematic delocalization and of course great replacements of populations. The undemocratic origins of the great replacement have to be underlined: for it was recommended by Machiavelli in his chapter four and applied by tyrants such as the Incas (the infamous mitmac), Stalin, and various American presidents - not to mention ubiquitous Adolph Hitler! Nowadays our tyrants belong to the Bilderbergs and they have shaped another future for our children. The destruction of Europe - 71 million immigrants in one generation - by her elite is a wonderful example of historical insanity. It maybe has no other example in traditional history. And having for various reasons the worst elite in the world, it is normal for France to get the greater resistance. After all it always was this country, "land of recurrent fiascos" since 1815, a caricatured victim of modernity that had the best writers and theories challenging that modernity, from Tocqueville and Baudelaire to Bernanos or Jacques Ellul.

But the French rebellion is too related to another factor: the web - I wrote a book in 2000 about this peculiar way of enlightenment. No one now is obliged to swallow the global garbage of the mainstream media. The good news is the fact that through Internet the people have access to an unpolluted source of information (labelled, I know, conspiracy theories...). It may be sure that in the future the New World Order and its devilish agencies will try to curb the voices of freedom in the web.

It may not be that simple.

And a last quotation to exasperate the imbeciles:

We want Europe, from the Atlantic to Urals

General Charles De Gaulle

Nicolas Bonnal



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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov