'Bombing civilians is a war crime'

The presidential election in Ukraine, and the election of chocolate tycoon Petro Poroshenko raised many questions with many people. There is more than enough evidence testifying to numerous violations committed during the vote. Even Interior Minister Avakov reported as many as 400 serious violations during the day of the voting. However, Poroshenko immediately thought of himself as the master of the country and sharply intensified the punitive operation in the Donbass region. Pravda.Ru interviewed writer and journalist, member of headquarters for coordination and support of New Russia (Novorossia), coordinator of resistance movement to the Kiev junta in Dnepropetrovsk, Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky, about the results of the presidential vote in Ukraine and the future that the country is facing.

"In fact, people in Donetsk and Slavyansk still live peaceful lives, or, more precisely, they try to. They go to work, they go shopping. That's why there are so many civilian casualties. People still do not seem to be able to realize that they are being shot at. They do not understand that there is a civil war taking place in their formerly peaceful country. Using aircraft, missiles and bombs against civilians is a war crime. Petro Poroshenko said two weeks ago that those who live in the region of New Russia were accomplices of terrorists, as he called ordinary civilians. If terrorists are hiding behind them (although no one is hiding), residents should be regarded as supporters of terrorists, and therefore, one needs to treat these residents as terrorists too. This is what Poroshenko does now. As a result, they fired howitzers at a quiet area of Slavyansk. A woman was killed, a little girl lost her arm. They fired rockets from airplanes and helicopters at Donetsk, a number of civilians were killed there.

We are actually like a real people's revolution. There are many different groups - political and militant groups. And of them had their own leaders. The most important thing was to unite them. For example, a very significant event has recently happened - a package of documents was signed about the unification of the People's Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk in the People's Republic of New Russia. In Luhansk, there was a very strong military wing, and in Donetsk, there were better political processes. The people need to exchange experiences, coordinate their efforts, because they now have to stand against the army of the whole country. There are also mercenaries and various military formations. In addition, the Kiev government amnestied criminals and sent them to the army. A week ago, they extended amnesty and began to release even the people who had been convicted for life - that is, rapists, serial killers ...

Common military men do not want to fight against their own people, although some of them do. It will be hard for those people to live. If they do live up to the time when Novorossia is created, they will go to court martial.

These military punitive actions, bloody actions, are not going to end for a long time - most likely, they will last for a year or two, but we already collect evidence and find out the names of war criminals. I think many people have heard the story of Kiev punishers of the 24th territorial defense battalion shooting civilians. They killed 12, several others were wounded. Afterwards, the punishers claimed that the victims were Chechens. Why Chechens? They said: because they had beards. Indeed, two of the 12 killed had beards. One had a dark one, the other had a light brown beard.

Neither the Donetsk, nor the Lugansk regions recognize Poroshenko as the legitimate President of Ukraine. These regions did not take part in the vote. For example, the Kiev government claims that the elections were held in the city of Mariupol. But we know perfectly well that resistance in Mariupol burned all 300,000 ballots. There are videos showing that many people were forced to vote. I said a month ago that Poroshenko would be elected as president - it was absolutely clear. This American creation had been approved from the very beginning, on the Maidan. Again, one should understand that it was the biggest dream of Petro Poroshenko to become president. He got it on a silver platter, but now he will have to pay for it. He was supposed to become president back in 2004, instead of Yushchenko. But at the last moment, they changed it for a number of reasons, and Petro became a minister, he was jumping around Yushchenko. Then he was caught stealing and told to get lost.

What's next? We will be protecting civilians. Will will seek the recognition of New Russia both legally and politically. There was a referendum, it was an expression of people's will, national self-determination. This is one of the bases of international law. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the basis of power is the people. The people showed their will, the people voted at the referendum, the people massively voted for independence of Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics. Ninety percent for independence - this is a serious bid."

Prepared by Yuri Kondratyev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov