America to invade Ukraine

By Jim Jones

Sensationalism or reality? If you have an open mind, then you can decide.

The current Obama administration is not all together stupid, they can read public felling and sentiment. American people are tired of war, wars and wars and multitudes of wars. No other country in the world has been at war constantly since the Second World War, other than the US. Finally the people of the nation are weary of the endless killing and body bags coming home. The rhetoric of the slogans of deceit and the beating war drums are no longer stirring a failing country. The senses are becoming numbed by the endless lies and killing. Obama can at least see that he is not going to stir a nation on false pretexts this time over the Ukraine issue. Fortunately, because of the internet, many Americans can now see for themselves the truth behind much of the manoeuvrings of governments who are controlled by other forces.

This has been a slow germination; events such as Iraq and Afghanistan were the final flailing of a desperate, dying nation. There is now, a concerted effort to repatriate US troops from these manufactured wars - because people no longer want to be part of them.  This push to be the world bully - the world Policeman has been at the expense of public opinion and so the administration has sought alternatives to achieve the same goal.  HATO has taken over a greater role in the illegal wars and war crimes begin committed around the world; Serbia and Libya are two such examples and the extrajudicial murdering of Mummar Gaddafi by HATO sponsored mercenaries, demonstrated the way forward for future "conflicts". They tried the same scenario in Syria but have been thwarted by Assad Al Bashar and the tenacious Syrian people. YouTube has shown us the depravity of the takfiri criminals operating in Syria and who are supported by the West.  Russia took a strong moral stand against this process of regime change that HATO and the US have been undertaking on behalf of the NWO. Finally, "average" Americans are able to see the truth, as opposed to the popcorn and soda news from CNN/VOA etc.,  and are speaking up against the war(s).    

On 26th March, Reason-Rupe conducted a poll and the results of the poll are very telling!

When asked if they supported a US intervention in Ukraine - almost 60% opposed such a move. Only 8% actually wanted boots on the ground!

When questioned further - if Russia continues to "invade" Ukraine beyond Crimea [notice it is the evocative "invade" being used?]

76% were opposed to sending in troops!!!  Over 60% were even opposed to sending military aid! Only 20% favoured military intervention.

These are hugely telling statistics and ones that the Obama administration will be well aware of. Americans simply do not want any part of it. Mind you that was the same for WWI and WWII.  A few false flag operations then swung a nation. But as Abraham Lincoln said, you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. 

This time however, Russia has the dominant moral high-ground, Russia also has military might - right on the door-step of Ukraine AND Russia has the economic might with the ability to turn off the gas to Europe.  There has been a serious miscalculation of Russian interest and intent over Ukraine. Western arrogance and HATO's bravado has cause the West to over-look clear signs from Russia that it was being pushed too far.  HATO defiantly broke all promises made at the collapse of the USSR and has steadily encroached Eastward against Russian interests - it has moved Southward and to the North; endeavouring to encircle Russia and place such demands on Russian forces trying to prepare against the possibility of attacks along such a large boarder that Russia would be almost powerless to prevent HATO taking Russian soil in a conflict. Everyone has a limit! That HATO did not foresee that occurring over Ukraine is either due entirely to arrogance or it is part of a more sinister move to engulf the area in a war that the West would control but not be part of; thus causing financial hardship to Russia and weakening the Russian resistance to the NWO moves in the Central European theatre.  I say the jury is out on which one it is.

The West is desperate to get Ukraine under it's control - to literally suck the life blood from Ukraine and leave it a skin and bones nation on the sand dunes of desolation. The IMF carpetbaggers have already been through Western Ukraine, pilfering all that they can - Ukraine's gold reserves have gone! That didn't take long did it? Why the rush to take the gold?  It had been safe in Ukraine for years; only their orchestrated intervention caused unrest, but it was still secure.  Now, with eyes firmly set on the East, the industrial heart of Ukraine, they see Russians as their obstacle.

The criminal puppet [muppets] government in Ukraine know no bounds of decency or normal behaviour. Their Western appointed leader has openly stated that he sees Ukraine now becoming a nuclear state! Hang on - isn't the world against Iran because they say Iran wants to be nuclear, even though Iran denies this?  But this is a minor problem of hypocrisy for the West - not one in the West has condemned the statement. What do you think Russia would think of a Western backed Ukraine going nuclear? Similar to Cuba doing the same I suppose?

Something has to give in the East - HATO/FUKUS are determined to cause strife in Ukraine and there is no better time than now. But with the American people having no stomach for actual boots on the ground and Europe not wanting not be seen as upsetting the bear and therefore, their gas supply; they need an alternative way to invade Ukraine. Enter the international guns for hire. The Western backed, CIA sponsored terrorists who parade as military contractors and "security" specialists.

ITAR-TASS has reported that "Ukrainian authorities" do not consider that their security forces can quell the unrest in the East. There are several possible reasons for this, one may well be that it would be seen as a civil war and the close relationship between Ukrainian/Russia in the reason would hinder Western Ukraine's authority over the security troops.

"The acting president Alexander Turchinov shares this opinion. "Therefore it was decided to attract foreign mercenaries, who will serve as political police and state security protection, " said the representative of the Security ServiceHe informed that the initiative to attract mercenaries belongs to oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Sergei Taruta, appointed governors of Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk regions."

They plan on getting Greystone Limited; mercenaries in who are part of the Blackwater CIA/US Defence Department criminals. Jobs for the boys in Defence - it always has to be, their dirty hands are in every conflict - it's all about money. The Ukrainians have said, all we need do know is how much it costs.

Kolomoysky noted: "why reinvent the wheel if there are real people who understand how and how much to pay," said the source.

Follow the Iraq/Afghanistan principle - pull out US troops and leave shadowy mercenaries behind. In this case, the US can invade Ukraine and yet be as Caesar's wife, pure white and holding hands up, say, "no blood on my hands"!

Seriously, what can these clowns in the muppet government of Ukraine be thinking - or better still; who is pulling their strings to get them to propose such a stupid move.  Russia never accepted being under German occupation - what makes you think that they will gladly accept Blackwater rule? This is simply a very thinly veiled guise for a US invasion. If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck!

The incursion of "foreign troops" even at the behest of the illegitimate government, will spark off a conflict. There is more legality to the legitimately elected and still legal President of Ukraine, asking Russian troops to support his people in Eastern Ukraine from mercenary terrorists.  Russia was content to let Ukrainians' sort out this mess themselves and have insisted on no "outside" intervention; including from Russia. Both Putin and Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister have both said that Russia had no intention of invading Ukraine [Putin adding the rider - for now]. I would say, "for now" has just arrived!

The West and HATO/FUKUS are going to see that Russia has been pushed as far as it will stand - this is a different Russia to the one of the 1990's!

The line is drawn, the curse it is cast! The times are a changing.

Jim Jones

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov