Americans realize what they dislike USA for

The Obama Administration has set a new anti-record.  The awkward foreign policy of the White House is the reason why over half of the U.S. citizens believe that the United States should not interfere in the affairs of other countries. For the nearly 50-year history of the poll on this subject that many people have never taken this adamant position.

The study was conducted by the sociological service Pew Research. The survey was called America's place in the world - 2013.

52 percent of the respondents agreed that the U.S. should deal with its own problems and not interfere in the affairs of other countries. 38 percent have the opposite view. Ten percent of the respondents were unable to answer this question.

Only 17 percent answered yes to the question whether the United States became more influential and powerful in the last ten years. 53 percent answered this question in the negative.

70 percent of the Americans said that the United States was not as respected as before. These sentiments have been around for a long time. The current number is only one percent lower than in May of 2008, under George W. Bush presidency.

The Americans believe that the greatest blow to the prestige of the United States was caused by the position taken by the Obama administration on the conflict in Syria. In addition, dissatisfaction was caused by interference in conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Washington's problems should not be reduced only to the actions of the Obama administration. It is obvious that these assessments were inherited from the George Bush era.

The problem of the current occupant of the White House is that he promised to abandon the policy of the previous administration. This has not happened. On the contrary, the U.S. intervened in the conflict in Libya. It seems that if it had not been for Afghanistan and Iraq, nothing would prevent the White House from sending the marines in the area.

Recently, the White House nearly got involved in the war in Syria. This was only averted through the efforts of Russia.

There are things that the Americans are much more sensitive about. We are talking about spending on the foreign operations of the U.S. Army, tens of billions of dollars annually both under the "hawk" W. Bush and the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama.

Such costs would upset anyone, especially against the backdrop of the ever-growing public debt and recent furlough of state employees.

"The time has come when the majority of the Americans understand that such foreign policy activity is excessive, and ambiguously perceived in the world, it produces the phenomenon of anti-Americanism," commented on the results of the sociological research Valery Garbuzov, deputy director of the Institute of USA and Canada Studies.
"In the end, the September 11 attacks were, of course, the pinnacle of anti-Americanism. The extreme anti-American sentiment formed in certain regions of the world, especially in the Islamic world. The Americans understand it, they feel it," Garbuzov told

According to the analyst, "much of the population think that the United States should act more cautiously, that the U.S. does not have to take efforts to address virtually every problem in the world."

"Now, I think anti-American sentiment in the world is not reduced, on the contrary, it is modified and takes different forms," said Valery Grabuzov.

He thinks that "a quite unsuccessful attempt by Barack Obama to resolve the issue of Syria by force has played a role here."

"Of course, it has tainted Obama's image personally and called into question the professionalism of the entire U.S. foreign military policy, or perhaps, even inability to take diplomatic efforts to solve the problem. But overall, this situation is clearly not in Obama's favor, hence such a critical attitude of the Americans towards their own foreign policy," said the analyst.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov