Position of the Syrian government in response to allegations

Position of the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic on the Western allegations and accusations on use of chemical weapons

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria , about two and a half years , the United States and its Western and regional allies, especially Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and its instruments, the armed terrorist groups and Al Qaeda Organization, act to destroy Syria and its infrastructure, killing its people. These terrorist groups staged terrible massacres against the Syrian citizens, both civilian and military, and the countries that support them provided financial support, military and logistical support, and while turning a blind eye to their crimes, blamed the Syrian government for everything that is happening in this country and its people.
Given the strength of our people, our army and the Syrian leadership 's decision to protect its citizens and before the victories, some Western countries and their regional allies, especially Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, have disclosed assumptions about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against its people since 2012. This made us suspect that there was an intention on the part of terrorist groups using chemical weapons and then accusing the Syrian state.

 The Government of Syria has sent letters to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Security Council to alert them that the supporters of terrorist countries would be providing them with chemical weapons to attack Syria and accusing the Syrian government of committing such crimes.

On 19/03/2013 , a terrorist group armed with rocket-launched poisonous warheads fired them against the city of Khan Al-Assal on the outskirts of Aleppo, killing 25 people and injuring 110 people, including civilians and military. That same day, Syria made ​​an official request to the Secretary General of the United Nations to send a delegation that was impartial and unbiased to ascertain the event, but the United States, Britain and France put obstacles to the coming of this delegation by submitting claims and assumptions about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government in other regions.

After five months, there was an agreement between the Syrian Arab Republic and the Secretary General of the United Nations to send a UN delegation to investigate the assumptions about the use of chemical weapons. This delegation began its work on 19.08.2013 to investigate the incident in Khan Al-Assal and elsewhere in northern Syria. The Government of Syria provided all means of cooperation that this delegation could arrive at the truth of the facts.

On 21.08.2013, during the presence of the delegation in Damascus as the Syrian army worked to combat terrorist groups who planned to invade Damascus and launched daily and randomly rockets and bombs against civilians in Damascus, which caused hundreds of innocent victims, these terrorist groups and their supporters among Western countries argued that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in Ghouta on the outskirts of Damascus. From the first moment , the United States, its allies and its instruments in the region, especially Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, promoted a political and media campaign through which they accused the Syrian government and acquitted the armed terrorist groups and al-Qaeda organization and their crimes jumped to conclusions regarding the results even before the UN delegation confirmed the use of such weapons, even to the point of the United States, Britain, France and their allies announcing their intention to promote a hostile action against Syria.

On 25.08.2013, the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic immediately agreed with the UN request to send a delegation to investigate the assumptions of use of chemical weapons in Ghouta, which occurred less than 24 hours since the arrival of Angela Kane, United Nations High Commissioner for Disarmament, to combine visits to four locations where investigations were requested. The Government of Syria has acted with the highest degree of flexibility, transparency, commitment and responsibility based on the principle of achieving the truth.

The delegation began its work by visiting the sites arranged for on the second day, in coordination with the Syrian government. Syria has fulfilled all its commitments in terms of aid and guarantees aiming at the mission's success.

The rejection by the United States, some of its Western and regional Arab allies, of the rapid response, flexibility and cooperation offered by Syria to the UN delegation underlines the hostile intentions of the West against Syria and the fear that their lies, slander and role in providing support to terrorists and to al-Qaeda, for example the provision of prohibited weapons which have been discovered .

The failure of the plan to destroy the Syrian state, despite all the Western and regional support in terms of providing large quantities of weapons to the armed terrorist groups and al-Qaeda organization, pushed the Americans and their allies for the use of chemical weapons to complete and implement the plan. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the Americans and their allies will act to mislead international public opinion, fabricating lies and arguments for invading and occupying other countries, outside the context of international consensus, as they did in Iraq.

The Government of Syria has not used and will not use chemical weapons, if they exist, against its people under any circumstances, based on its ethical, legal, political and humanitarian framework and states that the only front benefited by the use of chemical weapons are groups of armed terrorists, the organization Al-Qaeda and its supporters.

Syria demands the punishment of terrorists and their supporters who used such weapons. Syria demands, through its Foreign Minister, that those who accuse the army of Syria for the use of these unethical weapons to present evidence of their accusation and show it to the public .
This hostile impulse against Syria and increased threats, played by the United States, Britain, France and allies to hasten the trials, lay the charges and forge evidence, although there is no evidence that the government Syrian made ​​use of chemical weapons, aims to disrupt the mission of the UN delegation and prevent it from completing its work, as did the group of Arab observers and the UN mission headed by General Mood, to abort any international efforts to achieve a political solution to the crisis and at the same time to prevent the collapse of the armed terrorist groups and al-Qaeda organization and improve their morale, now shattered, and ensuring the security of Israel through attacks against the defense arsenal of Syria.

All this shows, without a doubt, the true intentions of this hostile plan of the Americans and the West against Syria.

Any hostility against Syria will be a blow to the United Nations, its Charter, its credibility and its role in maintaining international peace and security. The use of force against Syria by Western countries through its regional instruments, especially Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, return to today's world the logic of hegemony and colonization, so as to threaten the safety, sovereignty and independence of the developing countries, a fact that requires these countries to unify their internal and external positions to defeat the hostile plans of the West and its instruments.

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Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey