Why the black-out on Syria?

Why the news black-out on Syria by the western corporate disinformation agencies? Could it be that the Syrian Arab Army is winning and the FUKUS Satanic Army (FSA) is losing? According to the latest reports pouring out of Syria, this would appear to be the case...

The FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US) is actively supporting terrorists again, using its bedboys Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to facilitate and finance the entrance of terrorist cells into Syria to rape, murder, torture and destroy without so much as a word from the masterminds of this carnage, the NATO leader Barack Obama and his two little poodles-in-chief, Hollande and the ever-willing sock-sucker, Cameron and his nasty little sidekick, Billy the Willy at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

However, the disinformation outlets in the FUKUS Axis and its poodle states (NATO) have been eerily quiet in recent days over Syria. Let us see why.

Al-Hasakah, village of al-Maqbra: terrorist cells destroyed, many terrorists liquidated by the Syrian Arab Army, a bus and three vehicles laden with deadly weaponry were seized, thermal rockets, RPGs, sniper rifles and explosive belts were taken.

Idleb: The International Road between Lattakia and Aleppo is being secured, with the final objective freeing access by the Army to Aleppo to free the millions of innocent civilians cut off there and deprived of medicines, food and other essential supplies by the FUKUS Satanic Army, FSA. Bridges destroyed by the terrorist hordes are being repaired, electricity cut by these demonic monsters is being restored to communities and roads are being re-opened.

Barzeh, Damascus: the Headquarters of the terrorist faction Banner of Islam has been destroyed, one of the terrorist leaders has been exterminated along with his group, while dozens of other terrorists were hunted down and liquidated in Qaboun district. A cache of home-made bombs were seized by the authorities.

Aleppo: a group of 59 terrorists was exterminated trying to break into Aleppo along the highway from Damascus. A further group of FUKUS Satanic Army (FSA) was stopped trying to break into northern Syria from NATO member Turkey. A convoy of munitions was destroyed along with 11 terrorist elements.

Sabah al-Kheir, Al-Hasaka: Terrorist hideouts were destroyed and a large number of munitions were seized by the authorities.

Elsewhere, in al-Atalah, the villagers clubbed together and managed to kick out a group of terrorists who had entered the village and set up their HQ in the two local schools. People power against the FUKUS Axis terrorists.

Sad news from Gota, Homs, where children were murdered by FUKUS Satanic Army indiscriminately firing mortars into civilian areas.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey