Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Three defeats of the media subservient to U.S.

The colonialist media in Brazil, which looks more like a branch of the U.S. State Department, suffered three tough losses early this week. President Hugo Chávez, who the vultures of old news already gave up for dead, returned to Venezuela and was greeted by thousands of people.

By Altamiro Borges

Already Rafael Correa, another demonized by the media, was reelected handily in Ecuador.

Finally, the "blogger" Cuban, Yoani Sánchez, a U.S. puppet, came to Brazil and was unmasked in the streets and on social networks.

The return of Hugo Chávez, after two months of cancer treatment in Cuba, frustrated the media barons . They swore that the Bolivarian leader would not return to the country. They firmly believed in information from sinister CIA agents that Chavez was alive only because of  machines.

A grotesque picture in the Spanish newspaper El País, with Hugo Chávez intubated, was replicated in the local media. by the "immortal," Merval Pereira, who had already announced his death last year, before the presidential elections in October.

Based on this false and macabre information, the world media conducted an intense campaign to overturn the result of the election last October, which secured another term for Hugo Chavez.

The intent was to create the climate for a new coup attempt in Venezuela. The initiative did not succeed, thanks to the support of millions of Venezuelans, who flooded the streets of Caracas on inauguration day. "The people took office" in place of Hugo Chavez, who now returns to the country to recover from treatment.

The victory of Rafael Correa was expected by the colonialist media. All research indicated that he would easily win over former banker, Guillermo Lasso, of the fascist sect Opus Dei, and seven other competitors. The press, always selective, avoided giving prominence to the election in Ecuador - as if the neighbor did not exist. With a victory of almost 58% of the votes and re-election in the first round, only the servile media lamented the victory of the "enemy" of the U.S. and "press freedom."

The campaign against Rafael Correa is likely to intensify now. With easy reelection and winning the majority in Congress, the Ecuadorian leader has already announced that his priority is the adoption of the "Ley de Medios" in the country. In his first interview, he made a point of stating that the biggest losers in the elections were "the financial oligarchy and the owners of the media." The project of democratic regulation of the media, barred before, must now be approved by parliament. The media will be screaming like all hell.

Finally, with regard to the visit to Brazil of the "blogger" Yoani Sánchez, the show armed by the empire and its servile media did not produce the best results. The script predicting that the direction "imposed" by the cavern of employers of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), with a salary of $6000, made her the star of the worldwide campaign against the Cuban revolution. The big newspapers guaranteed generous space, the magazines, special viewing, not to mention the "independent blogger" and television broadcasters following likewise everywhere.

But the media show was hiding the origins and ideas of the "big Cuban dissident," which was obscured in social networks and on the streets. Legitimately, groups of demonstrators protested against Yoani Sánchez on her arrival in Recife, Salvador and her trip to the interior of Bahia. The same colonialist media that has spurred protests against world leaders disaffected with the U.S., now chided the legitimate demonstrations against the "blogger" funded by the hankering empire.

With those three defeats in Latin America, the media subservient to U.S. only has to direct its strengths at gullible followers to support the coups in Honduras and Paraguay, the fraudulent election in Mexico and the maintenance of the terrorist government of Colombia.

The region continues to move in a progressive manner, despite all the setbacks and difficulties. It has been firm as a counter against hegemonic neoliberalism and imperialism, which drives the media barons to despair.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova