Syria rejects destructive plan of the U.S. and Israel

The leader of the of Change and Reform Block , Michel Aoun, said in Lebanon that Syria rejects the draft prepared by the United States and Israel to destroy the country, distributed today by Syrian media outlets. The deputy also assured that the solution to the crisis in this Middle Eastern nation can only be achieved through dialogue between the government and the opposition.

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In a press conference in Beirut, Aoun assured that the violence that shakes Syria is the responsibility of the U.S. administration, which chose to deliberately convert this country into a field of conflict.

"They intend to strike at Russia's influence in the region and detach Damascus from Iran and Lebanon, in order to weaken all concerned."

The politician urged Arab and Western countries supporting the armed opposition to force them to stop the fighting and accept dialogue.

"Since the beginning of the events in Syria, we have demanded that the Lebanese government remain committed to the agreements signed between the two countries, and the Charter of Arab States that has not been respected by the majority of countries that have signed it," he emphasized.

Aoun added that he has always advocated dialogue between the insurgents and the government of President Bashar Al Assad, as a way to reach a solution.

Such statements occurred at the end of a meeting in which the Block leader of Change and Reform examined the general situation in Syria and Lebanon with a delegation of Lebanese national parties, led by Mahmoud Kamati, .

The meeting also discussed the humanitarian assistance to displaced Syrians in the neighboring country, and not allowing the infiltration of terrorists into Lebanon and Syria.

No solution which would pave the way for dismantlement of the country would be acceptable, nor would excluding any party, including the current sovereign government of Bashar Al Assad.  Negotiations need to take into account the collective will of the Syrian people, not Washington and Tel Aviv.  Tomorrow (6th), President Assad will be giving a speech.

The worldwide anti-imperialist forces of truth must continue the war of information

Meanwhile, the terrorists and their supporters refuse to stop.  Lebanese MP, Assem Qansouh, revealed to news agencies on Saturday that three airplanes headed to Libya through Lebanon are carrying gunmen to be trained there.

The Lebanese MP called on the Lebanese government to take necessary steps to maintain security and identify the terrorist center, calling on the Lebanese army to contain and imprison the gunmen.

He confirmed that members of the so-called 'Free Army' militias were provided help and support through the al-Qaa area in North Lebanon, adding that their injured have been treated there, with some still in Lebanon, while others went back to fight in Syria.

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey