US leader is an artist of elites

It is no secret that since 1991 the United States has been ruling the unipolar world. Today the situation is changing as countries are beginning to think about their sovereignty, and the U.S. is hit by two crises. Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov spoke to Pravda.Ru about possible development scenarios, means of the U.S. influence on the world economy and politics and the response of the Russian Federation.

"The United States is arranged in such a way that, no matter who is the president, the policy is conducted in a certain way, and the president in many ways is a theatrical figure, an actor who implements the public component of power. Decisions are made on a deeper level - let's call it the elite level of the United States of America. As in many countries, there is nothing special about it.

Let's look at the state of affairs in the world from the point of view of the U.S. interests. Since 1991, the United States has formed a unipolar world, defeated all its enemies, and has been living at the expense of the defeated, including Russia. Every citizen of Russia pays about half of all their income through a certain economy-wide mechanisms, primarily through the mechanisms of the Central Bank, to the income of U.S. citizens. That is, Russia, as well as China, Japan, and most countries in the world, is a controlled, dependent country, providing for high level of consumption for the United States and its allies. This is our status.

As a result, the United States consumes half of the world's product considering the tribute paid by Russia, China and many others. Half of the world product allows them to be stable and solve geopolitical, military, and other issues, that is, to have the largest army in the world, have a powerful State Department as a ministry for management of foreign territories, and provide for half of global consumption. They solve problems within the country using foreign funds.

If Americans reduce consumption, for example, by stopping the exploitation of Russia, China and other countries, this will lead to a decrease in consumption in the U.S. by three to four times and to the collapse of the United States as a nation. The country will be divided into separate states because there will be no federal funding streams that cement them. Therefore, such a scenario is not acceptable, no matter who is in power, and this means that they will fight for control over the unipolar world to the end.

Whom will they fight against? Against Russia, against Europe, where Germany is their main competitor, against China and the rest of the world. How will they fight? Through their standard means, like monopolies would fight for the control of colonies, i.e., through permanent punitive operations. If a separate line should appear, some disagreement, some suspicion, like in Egypt, through the mechanism of the State Department an invasion army is launched, the so-called revolution is started, foreign intervention begins and the regime changes. The important thing is not even the fact that the country that started a revolution, like Libya, is put in a stall. It is more important to demonstrate to others: "see, we are the punishers, if you do not listen to us, your country will face the fate of the "hung president." This is a typical mechanism of metropolitan relationships with the colonies, only its contemporary type.

This mechanism will be protected by the United States to the end. Now there is a situation in which everyone is feeding one country, and it is not satisfactory, it is unacceptable to the majority of the countries, including the European countries and Russia. If earlier, five to ten years ago, no one talked about it and everyone just suffered, and the Americans were so strong that they suppressed the very idea of ​​sovereignty of other countries, now they do not have enough strength. They are weakened by the first crisis launched, incidentally, by Russia's actions during the Georgia conflict, and the second crisis, which is now unfolding. These crises have hit the unipolar world, weakened the United States, and they have to move in the direction of a greater military phase from the phase of the State Department.

This is an important factor, which for Russia means the need to prepare for two things: first - the military phase, when the Russian territory will be invaded by rebels, just as it is happening in Syria at the moment. We understand what kind of people is involved. These are completely roofless killers with foreign, and not Syrian, passports. They carry out punitive operations on the Syrian people similar to punitive operations carried out by Bender, the Gestapo and all other occupiers and aggressors in the occupied Soviet territory. There is no difference here. Absolute scumbags, brutal punishers.

We understand that there are hundreds of thousands of these punishers, they are prepared, each of them has already murdered dozens of people around the world, and they will not spare citizens of Russia when they invade the territory of the Russian Federation. This means that we need to continue the program deployed by Vladimir Putin for support and re-armament of the armed forces to repel the invasion of a few hundred thousand fighters who are hiding behind geopolitics and are openly supported in terms of military by some U.S. allies like Georgia or someone else. This is the first scenario we are preparing for.

The second scenario: the United States dramatically increased the State Department funding for "velvet revolutions" and the destabilization of countries. For example, Mrs. Clinton publicly took extra money in April of last year from the U.S. Congress. She said she needed extra money for a war with Russia. However, she clarified that she meant an informational war. She took the money for the internet, the media, and Russian opposition. It was an open conversation, it can be found on the Internet, she reported to the deputies of the United States, asking them for additional military funding. In this case, the military means informational, as she described it.

This means a sharp increase of funding for Navalny, Udaltsov and the entire fifth column in Russia. But even this funding is only a small part of manipulation mechanisms. The main mechanisms will be used to manipulate through the government mechanism, that is, the officials, their property abroad, and the manipulation of statesmen hooked by the U.S. Metropolitan.

This arrangement worked out brilliantly, the Americans are very good at using it. They used it in Ukraine during the Orange Revolution, in Georgia and in Russia. Sometimes we are surprised by our officials: what is happening to them, why are they so marred in corruption? When you start digging, it appears that they were promised immunity and political cover, and their families are protected somewhere in London - that is, it is a direct manipulation mechanism.

We must be prepared for this. Therefore, we need to make decisions to strengthen the national course, as Putin said. It is necessary to decide on the formation of a national policy in the Central Bank, that is, build our economy to reduce manipulation through business. There is no large national private business in Russia - it's all foreign. We have to create our own business and offer today's business people to make a decision whether they are foreign entrepreneurs or Russian entrepreneurs willing to leave Gibraltar, London or other jurisdiction in favor of the Russian one.

The officials must be protected from external manipulation and a nationally oriented unit must be created. This is a large, complex program. The media must be reformatted for the national standard. The nationalization of the media does not mean state control. This means that the media needs to run some processes - make laws on self-regulation, the national rating system and media measurements and other media that will cease to be, as a system, part of foreign occupation, which it is now. Today their task is to constantly bombard the citizens of the Russian Federation with negative information.

They should be transferred to the national standard for the organizers, journalists, editors, remember that they are citizens of Russia, and Russia is their family. The family should be treated gently and with care. These points and many others will have to be taken into account in terms of the formation of national policies and the restoration of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation. The condition for this is Putin's victory in the elections as the national leader. Based on the opportunities that we will have in the next three, four, five years, we will need to implement some transformations that should result in a change of the Constitution and a full-scale restoration of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov