Blair is through with it, it’s Bush’s turn

The UN Security Council is waiting for a draft resolution that would persuade Iraq to co-operate with UNMOVIC inspectors. Last week, Iraq declared it was ready to welcome international inspectors which is a very wise step by the way. The UNO immediately caught at Iraq’s suggestion and is currently making too much of it. Of course, if it manages to prevent a war in the Persian Gulf, its previous faults won’t be counted (success is never blamed).

It’s quite another matter that the USA sticks to the same opinion; and it is perfectly clear that it will ignore the negative attitude of its allies and other countries that disagree that an offensive can be launched. Overthrowing of Saddam’s regime is the objective determined. Mass destruction weapons, if some are found in Iraq, are to strengthen US’s positions and become a sufficient substantiation of the necessity to take radical measures against Iraq.

US Secretary of State, Colin Powell says: “Let’s wait and see. We should see response of Iraq to the pressure of the world community. And we should keep on pressing until the UNO sees that Iraq has got rid of the weapons. The USA still believes that overthrowing of the regime is the best way to disarm Iraq.” 

Washington is rushing things up: Iraq’s pacific gesture has cut the ground from under Americans’ feet. Diplomats are actively discussing the recent statements by Iraq saying that international inspectors can be allowed to  the country without any provisional conditions. What is to be done if Saddam plays a trick once again? The UN Security Council should be immediately pressed upon, otherwise everything is lost. A meeting of UN Commission for Iraq inspections chairman Hans Blix with Iraqi authorities is scheduled in Vienna for Monday, September 30.

Let’s get back to  the UN Security Council resolution: some sources say it is still in the process, and others inform that Britain’s representatives in the UNO have already said they are ready to introduce amendments to the documents. And even if the draft resolution is presented within the nearest 24 hours, it is unlikely to be adopted by Monday. Russia and China strictly object to introduction of any amendments to the resolution, although the USA and Great Britain insist they should be introduced. France is waiting for an official evidence of weapons of mass destruction being developed in Iraq. 

Dmitry Chirkin

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Author`s name Michael Simpson