Government announces reactionary Turkish military action against Syria

The Turkish parliament approved on Thursday, October 04, a law authorizing the Army to conduct operations in Syria, a day after a bombardment with mortars originated in Syria that killed five people near a NATO military base where "rebels" are trained in a Turkish city on the border.

The decision gives the right to the government of Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to send troops or warplanes to attack targets in Syria when he deems it necessary.  Also on Thursday, Turkey again was firing on targets in Syria for the second straight day, using retaliation for the bombing of "Free Syrian Army" terrorist bases on the border of the country as a pretext. 

Inside Turkey itself and its own decision to be subservient to the interests of the major imperialist powers, it suffers resistance, so that demonstrations against the country's entry into the war were brutally repressed by the police. With the approval of the measure, the way is open for unilateral action of the Turkish armed forces.

Not coincidentally, NATO announced on Wednesday, October 03, a statement in which it demands that Syria stop all alleged assaults into the territory of Turkey, a member of the imperialist military alliance, saying: "The alliance continues alongside Turkey and demands the immediate end of these aggressive acts against an ally. It calls on the Syrian regime to put an end to this flagrant violation of international law."

The provisions of NATO are clear and require that all member states have a responsibility to "respond when one is attacked."   Already the government of Bashar al-Assad declared that "The Syrian troops are on full alert to respond to any Turkish aggression" and argued that it is Turkey that violates the sovereignty Syria daily, offering its territory for the transit of terrorists, mercenaries, "rebels" who are promoting terrorist acts and attacks such as  yesterday in Aleppo, where explosions of car bombs killed 34 people and left over 122 injured.

When the visible stage was armed for a possible aggression from Turkey against Syria, with the support of NATO, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was willing to "collaborate" with Turkey in a possible military intervention in Syria: "We hope that any intervention is coordinated with us and I believe that we will do so "(O Estado de S. Paulo, 04/09) said the "number two" of FSA, Malek Kurdi, who stressed that any action should be produced with international backing.

But NATO, which worked for months in Libya by bombing the country, knows that in a direct action in Syria, it would be  much more difficult to come out victorious, for it is banking on isolation and weakening of the Assad government after 18 months of provocations against the government. The butcher secretary general of the imperialist alliance, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that "Syria is a very, very complex. Military intervention may have a large impact" (The Guardian, 04/09), precisely because it would force a reaction from Iran and would violate the interests of Russia, which has a military base in the country.

So much that thethe Russian government also intervened in the tension between Turkey and Syria, urging for Ankara to recognize that the Syrian attack was an "accident."

 "We talked with the authorities in Damascus who assured us that what happened on the border with Turkey was a tragic accident, and that will not happen again" (Actualidad, 04/09), said the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov.  (Ed.  Strange "accident" what started out as crying about civilians now obviously were NOT Turkish civilians.)

This whole theater was assembled to create another pretext for military aggression against Syria, but as of yet, due to the vetoes of Russia and China, military intervention was not approved through the UN Security Council. With the arrival on the scene of Turkey, NATO will act using the excuse that a member state of the Alliance is threatened by Syria without requiring formal approval of other international bodies, such as the UN.

Indeed, Turkey has repeatedly invaded Syrian airspace and hosts a terrorist FSA military base on the border with the country where the mercenaries receive weapons and training. Let us not forget that in 2003, the same Turkey asked NATO assistance to ensure their safety in the face of impending war in Iraq. Not coincidentally, the Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced during a special meeting of NATO that Syrian troops moving closer to the border with Turkey will be considered military targets, which means a real declaration of war against Syria.
On the other hand, Turkey is also concerned with the Kurds in Syria. In recent months, Assad virtually released them in order to have autonomy in the region bordering Turkey. In this context, the Kurds in Syria increased contacts with Iraqi Kurdistan and the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), brutally repressed by the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The PKK are organizing bases in northern Syria to prevent sabotage by mercenaries on the border with Syria and also to prevent the use of Turkish territory in this region of the country to launch drones (unmanned aircraft) in order to bomb major Syrian cities as has been occurring.

The ascent of the Kurdish nationalist movement internally also destabilizes Turkey itself, since in its territory there are more than 12 million Kurds living under an iron regime of national oppression, .
What is going on right now is more an offensive aimed at deepening the terrorist actions of the empire against the Assad government, taking advantage of their own puppet countries such as Turkey (a NATO member), Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is because even with all the support of imperialism, the scum "insurgent" FSA, despite its constant internal terrorist actions, are unable to proceed against Assad, including being expelled by popular militias supportive of the current Syrian government in the second largest city, Aleppo, being destroyed in the midst of civil war.

The objectives of the strategy of the White House are to increasingly to isolate Assad within the so-called "Arab world" and thus undermine his government and bring to power a neoliberal pupprt regime.  Followed by increasing the external pressure.

Washington announced sanctions designed to "expose and break the links between Iran, Hezbollah and Syria, which prolong the life of the Assad regime," said "madam" Clinton in an interview with the jornal Daily Telegraph (04/09).

In this way, a country can be "opened" to the imperialist investments with the end of hostilities against the gendarme of Nazi-Zionist Israel and accelerating war plans are goals to be achieved by Washington in the short term, since a puppet government in Damascus would impose the isolation of both Palestine as well as Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Iran.  The peace of cemeteries would be imposed on the region and servile Turkey would be an important base of support for neocolonial plans!

Outrageously, this military escalation is supported by the revisionist left (LIT, ITU, PO, PTS, CMI ...) as a new chapter in the "Arab Spring revolution" that moves forward to knock over a "bloody dictator" in the Middle East.

Scandalously, this military escalation is treated by the revisionist left (LIT, UIT, BLIMEY, PTS, CMI...) like a new chapter of the "Arab Spring revolution" that is directed to knock down a "bloodthirsty dictator" in the Middle East.

However, we had the opportunity to see that does not correspond to reality, because the fall of the nationalist government of Assad would represent a hard reverse not only for the oppressed people of the Middle East, but also for the anti-imperialist fighters of the whole world.

So, the main enemy of the people is not the Syrian regime, but how they want to believe the lies of the strategists of the Pentagon and their agents, turncoats of "left," while yes imperialism, the cruellest enemy, is what needs to be fought.

This must be overcome by genuine revolutionaries who in this moment have to stand in front with the popular and anti-imperialist forces that want to bar the macabre rage augured by Obama and the "lady" Clinton.

Since LBI defended the action of the Syrian armed forces against Turkey. it is a question of an act of self-defense in front of a provocation mounted by NATO. However, this Syrian military "stake" is extremely limited and defensive. It is necessary to call the Arab and Palestinian masses to be mobilized against the imperialist aggression, which is also being advanced again against Lebanon and Iran.

What is in play at this moment is the possibility of Yank imperialism developing its offensive in the Middle East and in the north of Africa using as a smoke curtain its support to the mythical, imaginative "Arab Spring revolution" so warmly greeted by the revisionists of Trotskyism.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey