UN strangles cradle of mankind that drowns in sea of blood

Africa is a rich and, at the same time, the poorest continent of the world, washed by two oceans and seas of blood. Today, the cradle of mankind is dying of hunger, drought and war. Ask any African if they want to live this way, and the answer will be "no". Ask the UN, and its answer will be the same. The only difference is that the world organization is lying shamelessly.

Last week, in Tanzania, Dodoma Province, a truck carrying bodies of 42 people was discovered. According to local authorities, over a hundred people were in the truck in terrible stuffiness. People tried to cross from Tanzania and Mozambique to get to South Africa - the country that for the Africans is the same as France or Germany for Romanians and Bulgarians. The driver has disappeared. Now the case is under the investigation, but who would you punish? The perpetrators are sitting in the UN General Assembly, solving vital issues of more developed and prosperous states. And, of course, no one could bring them to justice.    

Hard times have come to Africa in the 15th century, when Spanish and Portuguese began to develop an extensive slave trade with "second-class citizens." The subsequent colonial period led to the industrial civilization of Africa. The West is reaping the fruits of this now. In Somalia, split into 17 separate states, civil war has been ongoing for nearly twenty years, where each government considers itself the only legitimate power, where the fight against the warlords for control over the territories plunged the coast of Horn of Africa into chaos.

Of course, there is economy in the country, but its foundation is sea robbery. Each year, the income of each pirate is about a million dollars, half of which goes to the invaders, 35 percent - to the investors  of the 'events' and 15 - to the guards on the ship, struggling with the West over a piece of bread. Last year, Somalia and its neighbors - Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti - suffered severe drought that threatened 11 million people. Every day every fourth African child died from hunger. Not surprisingly, the camp on the border with Kenya and Somalia sees constant pilgrimage: the number of refugees reaches 1,300 people per day.

Speaking of the fight, the United Nations is also actively fighting in Africa, against hunger, infant mortality, drug trafficking and illegal extraction of natural resources. Every year from the podium of the General Assembly, Western politicians adopt increasingly more new programs to rescue the "Dark Continent", which, paradoxically, is very wealthy: diamonds in South Africa and Zimbabwe, gold in Ghana, Mali and the Republic of the Congo, oil in Nigeria and Algeria, deposits of bauxite in Guinea.

But in reality, only four countries can boast of prosperity - Seychelles, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of South Africa and Angola. But this salvation is banal money-laundering. Those not satisfied with the level of corruption, for example, in Russia, can simply admire the skill of the Europeans and Americans.

According to the report of the World Health Organization, in Africa, preterm infants have no chance to survive because of the lack of appropriate conditions in medical institutions. At the same time in the U.S., Israel or Germany, a child born at 32 weeks of pregnancy with a weight of under two pounds will be saved.

Drug trafficking reaches industrial scale: through West Africa, where Guinea-Bissau is the center of drug trafficking, each year 50-60 tons of cocaine travel from South America. The eastern part of the continent "works" on Afghan heroin - 30-35 tons. In many African states heroin and cocaine devalued the national currency.

Furthermore, the presence of countless armed gangs creates another serious problem - recruitment of children for participation in armed groups. Field commanders are candidates for public entities of Puntland and Somaliland, and the preparation is carried out in Bay, Bakool, Galgadud, Hiran, Mogadishu and Raskiambuni.

Each month, the Islamists are taking into their ranks from 600 to 1,800 children, who are then sent to the operating units of field battalions. Boys are not the only ones taken. Girls are used for reconnaissance, transporting detonators and explosives, and then the young maidens, wives of the rebels and young commanders. Of course, if they survive.

The international community was forced to admit that the United Nations Development Program, United Nations Against Infant Mortality, the United Nations Human Settlements Program and the UN Program of Action for Economic Recovery and Development in Africa (special economic program - Ed.) have miserably failed.

However, none of the leaders of wealthy and developed nations will stand before a tribunal or court. It just so happened that in the 1960s, the doctrine of "local wars" in the U.S. has coincided with a new stage of politics in Africa. Just then, a few decades ago, the American political elite turned its attention to the United Nations. Everyone knows the facts of arms supply to South Africa through the channels of NATO.

"Maintenance of law and order" in actuality turned into neo-colonialism, and provision of economic aid from Washington has a pronounced selective nature. The U.S. considers the foreign policy orientation of a country's government, the strength of its ties with the West, the importance of its strategic position and role in the African and international politics. In this case it is no secret that most of these funds are through regional organizations and, therefore, the United States at the same time is interfering with the affairs of several states at a very small financial cost.

"Unity for Peace" is a slogan of the United Nations, but for the "Dark Continent," for a long time it has been sounding like a joke. The reality is such that over 70 percent of the population of the African countries continues to live below poverty line, and has to struggle for existence daily with the filing of the UN.

Daria Deryabina


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov