Syria: Another Western false flag event?

Photographic manipulation again, using a supposed massacre to change public opinion, parading bodies of children supposedly killed by President Assad's armed forces? Interesting, because the picture shown is of over 100 bodies of children when according to the same source, the number killed was 32. The lie is exposed below.

The mathematics once again does not add up. Let us see the history of western lies. Remember the yellowcake uranium Saddam Hussein was buying from "Nigeria" to make nuclear bombs? He wasn't. And anyway it's Niger, not Nigeria. Remember the fantastic evidence proving he had Weapons of Mass Destruction - the doctorate thesis copied and pasted from the Internet and sexed up by Downing Street? He didn't have any.

Remember the oil-clogged bird shown to conjure up horrific images of animals affected by the Kuwaiti oil spill in the Gulf? It was taken in Alaska and was a victim of the Exxon Valdez disaster. Remember the "evidence" that Colonel Gaddafi's armed forces were strafing and bombing civilians? They weren't.

There have been numerous attempts to create false flag events in Syria, including shipping chemical weapons to the Turkish border to use on civilians and blame the Government - a plan which was picked up and mentioned by me in this column before it happened. And now we have the "massacre of Houla", a village near Homs.

According to whom? For a start the Syrian authorities deny any involvement in such a massacre and sent a team to investigate, after admitting there was terrorist activity in the area. By terrorist activity read the new Western friends, Al-Qaeda. And after what the FUKUS Axis' terrorists did in Libya - slicing the breasts off women in the streets, cutting the lips off black African detainees, torturing people to death, raping, torching people and property, and after discovering that a sizeable number of "Syrian" terrorists are in fact Libyan terrorists, who would put such an atrocity past these...people, especially since Al-Qaeda is involved (?) In fact, where does Western complicity end and how deeply are they covertly involved in this incident to drum up another false flag event to sponsor another nice little war?

Now we have allegations against BBC (what again?). Remember the photos of "hundreds of thousands" of Russians taking to the streets against Putin recently? Except they didn't, the real numbers were a few thousand, many of them paid, and the photos concerned were from the 1991 demonstrations against the dissolution of the USSR. Remember the photos of the violence in Moscow? Except it wasn't, the pictures were from Greece, complete with National Bank of Greece in the background, in Greek. That was an American news source.

This time it is allegedly a photo showing Syrian children bound up in bundles. However, The Italian photographer Marco di Lauro has been quoted as claiming that he took that photograph. In Iraq, nine years ago!

What really happened at Houla?

For a start, why don't Governments try to find out what really happened before allowing knee-jerk reactions to bring them to the brink of hasty and dangerous decisions? The same goes for newspapers and media outlets spreading nonsense and rubbish as "news".

We have already exposed a puerile attempt to misuse photographic evidence by one outlet. As regards the other photographs, for a start, if, as it has been claimed, the Houla Massacre was an 18-hour barrage of heavy artillery fire, why then are the victims not blasted to pieces? For those of us who have witnessed heavy artillery barrages and inspected the damage, you do not have bullet or stab wounds in your head or neck. You have mutilated and unrecognisable bodies. You have heads severed from necks, you have bones sticking out through skin, you have limbs torn off, you have guts and brains spread all over walls and floors. In the case of Houla, the bodies are intact, looking as if the victims were killed at close range with knife or gun wounds from short range, or else were victims of short-range RPG attack.

Watch this video of a Syrian girl explaining the west's policy in the backdrop to Houla:

Are these the victims of heavy artillery fire? And what about the other massacres committed against peaceful Syrian families by the western-backed terrorist forces?

In the following video, we see a Syrian terrorist with an RPG launcher firing into the buildings at Houla.

The only question remains is was this massacre committed by the so-called FSA (Free Syrian Army) or by the British and American special forces reportedly already inside the country? After what the FUKUS-Axis did in Libya...



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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov