Australia to solve migration problem with the help of deodorants

Australia to solve migration problem with the help of deodorants. 46358.jpegTeresa Gambaro, a spokeswoman for opposition in the Australian parliament, was showered with criticism for her racist remarks about immigrants. Gambaro particularly stated that many foreign nationals living in Australia were not familiar with elementary rules of hygiene and behavior. The official put forward a suggestion to teach them how to use a deodorant and how to behave in the Australian society. Many immigrants would need to learn how to stand in the line without pushing and shoving other people, she said.

The deputy of the Australian parliament also said that she was coming from a family of immigrants too. She said that she was proud of what immigrants give Australia. However, she added, the new migrants, who come to Australia on work visas, do not integrate into the Australian society like it happened before. According to Gambaro, Australia does not develop culture in those people.

Teresa Gambaro said in an interview with an Australian newspaper that such things happen because the migrants do not know the rules that they are supposed to follow if they want to live Australia. The Australian authorities must take care of the migrants' education to teach them the culture of behavior which is connected with health, hygiene and lifestyle.

The remarks from the Australian politician can only prove it again: the problem of immigration in the country remains unsolved. The unpleasant odor that comes from some of the "aliens" and their inadequate attitude to other people, which they may display at times, are not the most important aspects of the problem, of course.

It is worthy of note that many migrants from the Middle East, presumably from Lebanon, arranged mass riots in Australia in 2005. The riots started when a group of migrants attacked white female lifeguards. Some politicians tried to represent those events as a thought-out action of racism. However, the Australian administration saw something else in the action.

For example, Australian Prime Minister John Howard cracked down on certain highly antagonistic elements of the Muslim community. According to him, many immigrants share extremist views and do not intend to integrate into the Australian community as it happened with previous generations of migrants, presumably European ones.

Howard admitted that a certain part of the Muslim population of Australia was creating a big problem. It is worthy of note that many representatives of the Australian society were concerned about the promises from certain natives of the Middle East who said that Australia would become a Muslim state by 2050.

The Australian prime minister was especially concerned about the Muslims' attitude to women. According to him, the Australian society could not accept such attitude. Howard and other Australian politicians stated that the country must take measures to toughen immigration laws. Representatives of the Muslim community of Australia - as many as 0.4 million people, harshly criticized their statements and actions.

Ameer Ali, the head of the Australian federation of Islamic organizations, admitted the presence of elements of conservatism in the Muslim community of Australia. Such views, he added, would become more moderate in the future. According to him, one should not close the borders for immigrants from Muslim states because of that. It would only be enough not to allow the people who share certain conservative ideas.

Australia has the reputation of one of the most tolerant countries in the world. The Australians are traditionally tolerant to all. No one stops the Chinese or the Indians from expressing their national identity in Australia. Those who have been to Sidney or Melbourne can say that many street signs in those cities are written in English and Chinese.

However, many Australians say that the new generations of immigrants are not willing to integrate into the Australian society. Instead, they want to set their own rules.

The majority of those people, who come to Australia from Asian and African states, live secluded lifestyles. They do not welcome interracial marriages. The birthrate among the white population declines, but the share of the non-white population continues to grow.

Many Australians, who consider themselves native citizens of the green continent, say that many immigrants from the third world countries do not have any education. According to them, many immigrants simply prefer to live on the financial support from the state and do nothing.

This way or other, the problem remains unsolved.

Sergei Balmasov


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov