W. Sahara: Trial of political prisoners begins on January 13

W. Sahara: Trial of political prisoners begins on January 13

W. Sahara: Trial of political prisoners begins on January 13. 46319.jpegJanuary 13 is the date marked for the 22 Saharawi political prisoners to be judged by a military tribunal in Rabat. The prisoners have been held in deplorable humanitarian conditions in Sale jail for over a year since the brutal repression by the invading Moroccan regime against the Gdeim Izik Camp.

Torture, deprivation, inhumane conditions... this has been the reality during the last year for the 22 detainees and their families (plus two others since released due to the precarious state of their health) in the Moroccan hell-hole called Sale prison. They were taken one thousand five hundred kilometres away from their families, to Rabat, and visiting times were reduced to just a few minutes.

On January 13 the military tribunal will begin the trial of the remaining 22 detainees. The Saharawi activism group Thawra is calling on all international activists, lawyers, jurists and journalists to follow the case carefully and closely, calling upon all Human Rights activists to notify the world what the Moroccan authorities are going to do,

Names of the political prisoners:

Abdelahi Toubbali, Husein Zaui, Abdelahi Lejfauni, Deish Daf, Mohamed Burial, Ahmed Sbaai, Sidi Ahmed Lmeyeyid, Elbashir Jadda, Mohamed Tehlil, Hasan Dah,
Haddi Mahamed Lamin, Shej Banga, Naama Asfari, Abderrahman Zeyu, Laarusi Abdelyalil, Mohamed Elbashir Butenguiza, Mohamed Bani, Elmeshdufi Taqi, Abdelahi Ebhah, Brahim Elismaíli, Mohamed Embarek Lefkir, Mohamed Juna Babeit.

When will Morocco hold the free and fair referendum on the status of Western Sahara, as it has promised to do and as per instructions from the United Nations Organization?


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