Qatar invaded Libya, now invades Syria

Qatar created anti-Syrian mercenary force, denounces digital Israeli website DEBKAFile.

According to this information, released Thursday by the news agency, Cham Press, the contingent is composed of mercenaries from several countries in the region, mainly the more radical Syrians of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was named the Free Syrian Army.

The complaint specifies that this force is financed by Doha, and is constituted in the form of battalions and brigades in military camps on Turkish territory, with the permission of the government of Ankara, near the border with Syria.

This month, Syrian border guards aborted four attempts at infiltration by armed groups, and in the latter case in the early hours of Wednesday in Idleb. Deadly casualties were inflicted on the aggressors, who were supported by a group already on Syrian soil.

Information from the Syrian news agency, SANA, said, citing the authorities of that province located in the north of the country, that the group used large quantities of weapons, military uniforms and the most modern communication devices.

The information through the Israeli official site added that Qatar decided to start this plan after the badly staged "overthrow and murder" of Libyan leader Muammar el-Gaddafi.

The monarchies of Doha and Saudi Arabia jointly approved of such a conspiracy, and even made an agreement to assign to the leader of the biggest state of Qatar, General Ali Hamas al-Attiya, the leadership of the anti-Syrian army to ensure a rapid shift in the Turkish-Syrian border.

According to the information so far, about 2,500 men were recruited, for a total of 20,000. The main nucleus consists of one thousand members of the so-called Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), who with the support of NATO, faced Qaddafi, and the other thousand comes from an Iraqi extremist organization.

DEBKAFile says that Qatar has already transported these troops from Libya and Iraq to the Turkish town of Antakya, to the south, in the border province of Hatay.

As other investigations have already revealed, the commander in chief of the anti-Syrian mission, based in Antakya, is Abdel Hakim Belhaj, a collaborator of Osama bin Laden, whose militia took control of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, in August with the total support of NATO.

Officials of Qatar's media established communication between the camp where the Syrian mercenaries meet with the base of the Iraqis, to coordinate the operations of such a terrorist group of NATO stooges, the "Free Syrian Army."

The DEBKAFile site notes that their military and intelligence activities collaborate with the Turks, but they do not interfere.

The extremist anti-Syrian mercenary force for intervention, funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, has been channeling millions to finance the hostilities against Damascus. They have the "quiet support" (actually blatantly obvious support) of the United States and other NATO members. Turkey leads this support group, affirms the Israelis.

On the other hand, the news agency SANA reported today that an armed group killed eight people in a family in the village of Kfar Nabouda, rural central province of Hama, and also kidnapped five of their relatives while burning their homes.

The armed terrorists tried to kidnap another family member, but were prevented by other family members. Later the entire armed group returned and attacked with weapons of various calibers, SANA reported.

Also, in Hama, Syrian army soldiers managed to demolish three explosives planted by terrorist gangs in various parts of the central city.

The agency also informs that an armed group sabotaged a high tension power line of 230 kV that links two power stations between Daraa and Sweida.

All this happens when at this moment the Arab League observer mission is in Syria, part of the plan of the regional organization in which Qatar functions as president of this round, supposedly to end the crisis in this country.


Source: Prensa Latina


Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya