US-Russia confrontation will be over when USA admits it is no longer supremacist state

US-Russia standoff will end when USA wakes up

It appears that the new American administration has pushed common sense somewhere into the background against the background of post-election euphoria, which does no want to subside for Biden's team. The people won the campaign that they might have lost, despite the massive crusade orgy against Trump.

How true is this?

Eduard Lozansky, President of the American University in Moscow, Professor at the National Research Nuclear University, shared his opinion on this topic with Pravda. Ru.

"Euphoria has been omnipresent in both Democrats, but also Republicans since 1991. Indeed, at some point, prior to the arrival of Putin, America was the world leader or supremacist state that was keeping all other countries under control.

Everyone remembers Fukuyama's famous dictum: "The end of history." The bipolar system ceased to exist, the USA took the lead and was marching along as the undisputed leader. However, then Putin came to power and said that he would not obey Uncle Sam.

On February 10, 2007, Putin stated in Munich that Russia was not going to be a US vassal. He said that Russia was ready to be a friend, a partner, but not a vassal, and they did not like it. Putin's Munich speech became a cold shower for the everyone in the first row — McCain and others.

Since then, the US has never spoken of Russia as a 'friend' or a 'partner'. Instead, the Americans use such words as 'adversary' and 'enemy.'

Of course, Putin is not going to last forever. New Russian leaders will try to negotiate with the United States, at least at the first stage, like Yeltsin did. It is not ruled out that the USA will be able to break Russia at that point. Therefore they have been working very hard to cause power to change in Russia as soon as possible. However, as long as Putin is in the Kremlin, the USA does not even think of changing anything in its policy towards Russia. The Americans want the regime to change in the first place and then they will talk.

We even know the person whom they see as the regime changer — Navalny. In their opinion, he would be the ideal partner to continue the relationship with Russia. Something did not work out there, but they prepared him for this mission. He did not hide it himself — he said back in 2011 that he was going on a crusade against the Kremlin.

At the same time, the people who will come to replace Putin may not have a desire to be US vassals either.

Nevertheless, the current US establishment still believes that they will be able to bring their own person to power in Moscow.

That new person is supposed to accept USA's terms of being the world's supremacist state that will guide and manipulate all other nations. In a nutshell, this is a leap back to the 1990s.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov