NATO's darling little "rebels"

NATO's darling little What is the latest on NATO's darlings, the TNC in Libya, the "interim government" recognised by the majority of the international community's representatives, wholly and totally against the hearts and minds of the 7- billion-strong world community? We present a battle report, facts and figures based on figures released by the Libyan authorities.

One day after the gang rape of a group of Negro women in a part of Tripoli by these savages, who have already declared they are in favour of ethnic cleansing, we have an entire family, including women and children, slaughtered in their vehicle by these demonic pigs... because their family name was Gaddafi. Remind me to put the name Jibril down in my notebook... Nice guys... And what was that about the "rape" by "Gaddafi troops"? Seems we finally find out who the rapists are.

NATO is now formally accused of over 2,000 murders in Libya (in fact it is far more, scroll down). Precision-bombing family homes, blasting the faces and limbs off kids is so cool, Cameron, isn't it? Is it true that David William Donald "If I have to pay it back, then I shall" Cameron punched the air and said "YES!" when he heard that a Gaddafi home had been destroyed in a NATO terrorist strike, then made a pumping movement with his fist...when it turned out this was the terrorist attack which murdered Colonel Gaddafi's three grandchildren? Nice man...

As for Sarko the "Why is my wife hanging out with drug addicts" Psycho and that sickening apology Barack "Change? Ha! To Hell with the Nobel Peace Prize" Obomber, I have yet to hear either of them apologise for the murders of little children. Could it be that they don't care? One wonders what they would say if it happened to their children. Nice men...

It seems the UNATO/Fascist/Terrorist/FUKUS (France-UK-US) alliance has finally managed to regionalise its nice little colonialist adventure to steal Libya's oil and gas (after all it cannot be about democracy - both NATO and its terrorist darlings the NTC refused the offer of an election from the Jamahiriya Government). Peaceful protests outside the US Embassy in Accra, Ghana on Wednesday against the FUKUS adventure in Libya were broken up and the demonstrators detained, after apparently the US Ambassador warned the local authorities that the Africans demonstrating would be shot if they got close to the Embassy. How tactful...

Meanwhile more disgusting and horrific crimes have been uncovered perpetrated by the FUKUS protected darlings, Jibril's terrorists. Destruction, rape, murder, pillaging. The work of demons.

Battle report

The western media said yesterday that Sebha had been captured by the terrorists, Then they said some districts had been captured. What they meant was that a column of this filth attacked Sebha, was driven back and fled. Gardabia airport south of Sebha is firmly in control of the Libyan Armed Forces (LAF).

Around 400 NATO-backed Tunisian terrorists were captured today by the Libyan Armed Forces. They affirmed that NATO is recruiting thousands of Tunisians and Egyptians to fight against the Libyan population and stated that they have not been paid for several days.

Outside Sirte, the LAF demonstrated yet again a high degree of command and control (stated by NATO experts two months ago to have been destroyed totally), springing a trap for the NATO/terrorist forces. 45 elements were liquidated and around 200 were captured. Fighting rages at As Sultana east of Sirte.

Around 2,000 Tuareg warriors are the first of a contingent to arrive to attack the Rats (terrorists) who they have declared as enemies. The southern tribes have all declared themselves in favour of the legitimate Jamahiriya government and against the foreign terrorist force backed by NATO. The Tuareg have declared that they decide who is allowed to cross the desert. NATO and their terrorist friends are targets.

Inside Tripoli, the Green Flag has been hoisted over Al Fatah University by the Libya Liberal Youth, fighting is reported ongoing inside Green Square. Several districts of Tripoli now proudly sport the Green Flag. 10 terrorist elements were exterminated today at Al Jufrah and a further 20 were wounded. In Tarhouna, the remaining rats scourge is being hunted down and the areas it infested, sterilised.

Bani Walid was a rout for the NATO/terrorist forces, a large area around the city having been sanitised. In Benghazi the Green Flag now flies in several districts.

The NATO/terrorist forces have suffered sixteen major defeats in the last week. Think about it - why else would NATO have declared it will extend its terrorist mission for a further three months?


NATO/Terrorist forces have been responsible for around 60,000 civilian deaths in this murderous onslaught. A further 700 police have been murdered, along with 511 national guardsmen, while the LAF have lost 219 soldiers. The casualties among the terrorist elements are estimated to be around 150,000 so we can conclude that NATO has been directly or indirectly responsible for the murder of 210,000 people - both the civilians it has attacked with military hardware and these young men, mercenaries from Tunisia and Egypt mainly (also UAE, Qatar, Pakistan and Afghanistan) that it is callously sending to their deaths (and apparently unpaid as well...well, what do you expect?)


In Britain: Sorry Mr. Williams, your mother's hip replacement will have to wait because we simply do not have the money, we are spending tens of millions of pounds a week bombing children and women in Libya while we support marauding gangs of rapists, murderers and terrorists. Britannia rules the waves, eh what? And by the way do you know how much your father's cancer treatment is costing the NHS?

Photo: NATO precision terrorist strike on a school in Sirte. Dangerous those kids, what? Today a child, tomorrow a terrorist, so...

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey