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Libya, propaganda and imperialism

Libya, propaganda and imperialism. 45337.jpegA shot of Libyan hero Muammar al-Gaddafi playing lovingly with his grandchildren on a sofa. An idiotic comment on SKY News, that this seemingly normal behaviour from a grandfather shows just how close the ties of clan can be in this part of the world. The question is, to what extent to westerners actually believe this nonsense?

Has anyone heard a more ridiculous example of propagandistic imperialism, where common affectionate human and universal values are warped and corrupted by some western pig, who corrupts a loving family scene of Grandpa playing with his grandkids into some kind of a freak show, where "Wow, the monster has feelings" and where "Wow, those clan bonds must be strong". One wonders whether the sickening and slobbering piles of lard sitting at home on their sofas with their newly acquired plasma TV screens are nodding obediently, snorting and cooing and saying "Cor!"

One can be sure that those who manipulate them know very well what they are doing. I am referring to those who acquired their plasma TV screens by fiddling the House of Commons expenses, then claiming, as someone we all know so well said, "If I have to pay anything back, then I shall".

The only doubt remains as to what extent the political leaders like Cameron, Hague, Sarkozy, Berlusconi and Obama are aware of the details, or exactly what or how many details they are fed. It is hard to imagine Berlusconi researching on the Net - he probably has far more pressing bunga-bunga needs to address. Thank heavens for little girls. As for the others, well, here is a group of...people?...whose cowardly air force pilots have targeted children, in some cases purposefully, to "take out" targets, who have targeted water supplies and electricity grids to "break the population". So with war criminals like this in charge, no degree of underlying cruelty discovered in their personal lives would come as much of a surprise.

In fact, if you put Muammar al-Qathafi, a hamster, some seeds and a microwave together with David Cameron, it is not very hard to imagine which one would feed the animal and care for it (Muammar al-Qathafi it is said is far more likely to be found outside feeding the animals than inside a building, as indeed was the case when NATO's cowards massacred some of his grandchildren in a home, in one of the most shocking terrorist attacks in recent years), and which one of the two would place it in the microwave for a ride and sit there tight-lipped taking notes, with a massive hard-on and satanic images lunging somewhere behind his eyes, muttering "You shall be punished for what you have done, you will pay for it...You have to go". Which of the two would set his Rottweilers on the neighbour's kitten, singing "Onward, Christian soldiers"?

So for warped and deviant and perverted minds such as these, what to expect when a scene with a grandfather lovingly playing with his grandchildren on a sofa is labelled as "surprisingly normal behaviour" or words to that effect, and when the scene is compared with "tribal bonds" or some such nonsense by one of the west's leading media outlets?

The media has failed to inform its readers and viewers, and the political leaders such as Cameron, Hague, Sarkozy, Clinton and Obama, the one who insulted the Nobel Peace Prize by becoming Obomber, have failed to make any reference in their war-mongering speeches about the nature of the Jamahiriya system of governance, that it is far more democratic than their systems where someone with a minority of votes can lead a country.

They have failed to mention Colonel Gaddafi's humanitarian record, his public works, his housing projects, the dignity he brought to Libyans, the dignity he is bringing to Africa, his tremendous development projects across the continent and the fact that in his private life he is an open, pleasant, very nice, kind, animal-loving family man.

Well, between Gaddafi and those who take pleasure in bombing and murdering kids from 30,000 feet, what a difference! Perhaps a few media outlets should begin to tell the truth of the hidden secrets lying behind Camoron, Sarko the Psycho, Obomber Obama, Hague the Plague and Hillary War Zone Clinton, the last two having been exposed as barefaced liars, the first two plain evil and the guy in the middle, well, the guy in the middle, as inconsequential and vapid a waste of time and space as ever existed.

What the western media and political class have done is, so true to form, imposed their own gooey-eyed values of western imperialism on Libya and on Africa. This is a prelude to what comes next, and here it is in plain English in black and white: If the Libyan Jamahiriya goes down, then the African Union is condemned and AFRICOM will recolonise the continent. Africans will again become slaves, the dignity which the Union brought to these brothers and sisters will be lost, their ruling class will become corrupted cliques which direct Africa's resources outwards while handfuls of peanuts are through at Africans, like the masters feeding the monkeys.

Oh yes, mark my words. It will happen. Africans are about to become slaves once again. NATO does not represent freedom, it is a murderous terrorist organization which thinks nothing of slaughtering kids in their homes and using helicopter gunships to strafe civilians. Talk about "protecting" them is risible. You protect them by bombing their homes, water supply and electricity grids?

And NATO's instruments at this moment are the rats inside Libya - controlled by foreigners and in many cases themselves foreign mercenaries, these are the spawn of Satan which will stab Africa in the back. That is why it is so pleasing to see African nations such as Zimbabwe and Tanzania expel Libyan ambassadors who go over to the dark side - the side of opportunists who will sell their country to foreigners, destroy the Jamahiriya so that Libya's communities never again have any say in their government or get to have a channel for their needs to be heard and who eventually will hand Africa over to westerners again. The TNC is the Terrorist NATO Cabal.

The Libyan Jamahiriya is Africa's last line of defence! Do not say you were not warned. Africa for Africans! African solutions to Africa's problems! Solutions by Africans for Africans! Africa's resources should bring dignity to Africans! And who was the MAN behind this project? It sure as hell was not David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy or Barack Obama, now was it? So, do Africa's leaders who recognise these NATO/terrorists as a legitimate government represent the African people? I think not. So...

If you allow the candle to go out brothers, you will be in eternal darkness.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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