Iraq decided to stake everything

Iraq announced that it would  not follow the new resolution from the UN Security Council, no matter, what it might say. The official statement from an Iraqi radio station said that  the decision to reject any  new resolutions of the world community  was made during the talks with Saddam Hussein’s participation.

Iraqi senior officials also took part in the talks. However, it was not informed, where that meeting actually took place. A Baghdad radio said that the American government was trying to make a fake, bad resolution with the help of the Security Council.  Iraq claimed that  it would not deal with any new decisions about it.

American and English pressing on certain members of the UN Security Council (Russia, France, China) is getting stronger. The USA might do something to prevent from the return of international inspectors to Iraq, if the UN Security Council was not going to pass another resolution on Iraq. This was said by Colin Powell Friday.

The States called upon the approval of UN’s new war-threatening resolution concerning Iraq. America claims that this document should be passed, if Iraq does not  destroy its mass destruction weapons. Donald Rumsfeld supported Powell. The US Defense Secretary said that the majority of Iraqi mass destruction weapons was buried under the ground. Rumsfeld also added that another big part of that weapon was hidden  near  schools, hospitals, mosques.

Air raids on those objects will inevitable result in numerous casualties.  America does not have any other way out,  except for launching a strike, since it will have to deal with Saddam and his A-bomb in the future. Donald Rumsfeld  said that  it would be a more dangerous and more expensive thing to do.

Powell’s statement at the UN Security Council was like an ultimatum to Russia, France and China – the three countries that were in the opposition to the USA and Great Britain. Those words sounded like an ultimatum against the background of Saddam Hussein’s recent statement on Iraq’s willingness  to grant entry to UN international inspectors to go back to Iraq. Those three countries, especially Russia,  believe that sending international experts back to Iraq is the major issue of all in this respect. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov advised that a new tough resolution on Iraq would only exacerbate the situation.

Dmitry Litvinovich

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Author`s name Olga Savka