Ex-terrorist says terrorists and NATO lost war

Ex-terrorist from Benghazi in France recognizes that NATO and the terrorists have already lost

by Leo Vershinin

In a TV interview, Dr. Rejeb Muftakhov Budabusa, judging by numerous paraphrases and a more or less detailed digest, made ​​a considerable impression on "all Paris" not having forgotten that in February and early March, he ardently advocated "peaceful demonstrations" in Benghazi and for "salvation from the punishment of Cyrenaica."

He's a fairly well-known, serious economist who belongs to the Bengazi elite, and was one of the most prominent dissidents. He then went to Paris, was no less a prominent figure in emigre circles, criticized Gaddafi, and in the early events was the representative of the "MSP" in France.

"Interesting to evaluate the past months," he said today, to La Rex and political scientist, Lev Vershinin.

An interview by Lev Vershinin:

What's going on in Libya?

Mutiny? Feud? Reflection of aggression?

Frankly, the revolt was inspired by some Western countries that now have to show the map and their fight against Libya now is in the open. This war is unjust and illogical.

As you know, I welcomed the event, I welcomed the intervention. I'm from Benghazi, before emigrating myself, I opposed the Jamahiriya. I was in Benghazi after the events, I have good relations with many there: the leaders, there are my friends, my former students, many of them took part in the events of February 17, and now almost all have moved away.

What happened in February was the justification for NATO intervention. But few would have thought then that the events themselves are the result of manipulation by NATO. It was triggered by violence, militant groups have been created, it was hoped to help the democratic world.

But none of the protesters imagined that NATO was seeking to intervene in order to, let's be honest, to arrange a re-colonization of our country. In general, the opposition was not up-to-date and believed that Europe acts sincerely. But it appears that some Libyan officials had been informed, had a preliminary agreement with the Europeans, and know what's going on.

I was told by participants in the events and their leaders the demonstrations were peaceful. The people there made many complaints to the authorities, but there was no aggression. And then the crowd began bombing, someone opened fire on an armed military base, someone set fire to a police station, and all seemed to roll into a ditch.

There were some strange people with guns who started the violence in the streets, young people began to engage in combat units, though an interesting game, and then the fighting started. Many, many people regret it, but from the day that NATO began the bombing of Benghazi nothing they did was right.

Was it perceived in Benghazi that there were "NATO mistakes" and destruction of cities from the air?

 Well, as people may perceive it? In Benghazi normal people live who understand everything. Previously, NATO literally prayed, and now it is clear that the protection of the population by Europeans was the least of their worries.

No one has forgotten February, we have nothing to be ashamed of. But people began to think about it and compare. People remember the details, and realize that there was no special unwelcome police repression, they provoked, and then attacked army units.

But what can ordinary citizens do now? Do not misunderstand me, myself I think that Gaddafi should withdraw from active work. I do not live at home because I thought he did not have long so did not hide it. I would also like more democratic devices than the general that are in place now. But, sorry, I do not want my country bombed, robbed and humiliated.

Even for me, a Benghazian to the bone, Gaddafi, a Bedouin from Sirte, today has become a symbol of national unity, the only one whose name unites thousands of different people who are ready to fight against the aggressors. After the war, let's see ...

In this sense, Europe miscalculated. We, Libyans, are calm, lazy, easygoing people, but we cannot be humiliated and insulted. There it happens to click.

But they, with their own hands made Gaddafi the new Omar Al Mukhtar, 2011. And in the end? They ruined it, they think that if he leaves, it's all over, but some people still cannot forgive and forget. Those who see the leaders of Europe are afraid for their families' future.

And there are those who, in general, do not want to fight, those who, in general, no matter who is in the driver's seat, start to sympathize with al-Gaddafi, because he fought against the aggressors, rather than trying to negotiate. Now his popularity is growing every day, more than he could ever even dream of. And the policy of democratic nations cannot.

And what's the solution, in your opinion?

 Both NATO and the rebels have already lost the war and what will happen tomorrow is anyone's guess.


Credit: La Rex


Translated from the Russian by:

Lisa Karpova


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