Morocco tortures Saharawi prisoners: International community silent

Morocco tortures Saharawi prisoners: International community silent. 44585.jpegWhere are the air strikes? Where is NATO? Civilians are being brutally attacked in Morocco, the country which illegally holds vast swathes of territory it invaded in Western Sahara, Saharawi prisoners are being tortured, yet...nothing. Where is Morocco? An amazing case of the two-faced approach by the USA and NATO.

So Colonel Gaddafi is fighting armed terrorists in his country, terrorists who raped children, hacked a boy's legs off, tortured a child to death, decapitated people in the street and launched a massacre against black Libyans and the response by Washington and its toy-boys (NATO) is to commit dozens of terrorist attacks occasioning murder and criminal damage and side with Hasidi, who was arrested in Pakistan for belonging to Al-Qaeda and who exported terrorists from Benghazi to fight against NATO in Iraq.

In Morocco, nothing. In 2005, I instructed a journalist working in a magazine in which I was international director, Africa Today, to interview a high representative from the US DoD (Defense department) and to ask about Western Sahara. The answer: " is covered by our.....South East Asia Department". Enough said.

Google up Western Sahara and The Green March and you will get the history of Morocco's aggression and illegal occupation of this country and its systematic refusal to hold a referendum under acceptable conditions. What you will not find is the following:

Pravda.Ru has received information from Saharawi (Western Sahara) political prisoners in the Moroccan-run prison of Tiznit

"In a telephone conversation with Thawra, the Saharawi political prisoner Mohamed Salmi, 36, denounces the repression suffered along with other Saharawi political prisoners in the Moroccan prison of Tiznit. According to Salmi, it all started with the wild action on Saturday June 4, when about 50 policemen raided the Moroccan army by surprise in the cells of the Saharawi political prisoners.

"The goal of the soldiers was clear," says Mohamed from inside prison, "ending the union of the Saharawi prisoners, intimidate and try to destroy us mentally," adding that "the procedure they had set: to go cell by cell, selecting the Saharawi, and savagely looted our belongings, leaving our cells in poor condition and take what little remained serviceable." The attack resulted in the disappearance of political prisoner, writer and journalist Mustafa Saharan Abdedaem and also Sahrawi political prisoner and journalist Mahmoud Kasem, whose whereabouts have not been heard. "We do not know the whereabouts of our colleagues," says Salmi, and demand to open an independent investigation into the events, as well as assistance from international organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to clarify facts and shed light on the whereabouts of the two partners."


Political prisoners are attacked, disappear and are butchered frequently by the Moroccan authorities who try to silence them making sure their message does not reach the international community.

Mohamed Salmi and seven other political prisoners initiated yesterday an indefinite hunger strike to protest their situation. These are Mujahid Mayara, Buúmud Mulay Ali, Mahmoud Barkawi, Mahayub Alal, Lehmam Salama, Mghaimim Khalil and Hassan Mohamed Lehsan. At present two begin to have abnormal blood pressure. Finally, Salmi warns about possible reprisals in prison, which "requires an urgent international intervention."

Source: Thawra

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey