USA's primary Russophobe is losing grip?

USA's primary Russophobe is losing grip?. 44478.jpegRepublican Senator John McCain seems to be obsessed with Russophobia. This time, Russia was not the only country that fell out of graces with Mr. McCain. The senator shared his disappointment with European politicians too. However, this disappointment appeared because of Russia's actions yet again. His most recent anti-Russian attacks did not bring anything new, though. All that he said was predictable. McCain even became more careful in his statements. Is he losing grip?

John McCain had an interview with Georgia's Rustavi-2 channel. The senator is known as one of the main advocates of Mikhail Saakashvili's regime in Washington.

"Any country has the right to defend itself, including Georgia. Moreover, it has an aggressive neighbor on its borders which occupies its territory," he said.

Georgia, McCain added, must be provided with state-of-the-art defense systems. The senator also cracked down on French President Nicolas Sarkozy. According to Georgian mass media, Sarkozy said that Russia executed the cease-fire agreement in Georgia from August 12, 2008, and Russia's Medvedev kept the promise which he had earlier given to his French counterpart. McCain believes that everything that the Georgian media say on the matter is true.

The American politician slammed Russia for violating international obligations of the cease-fire agreement and added that he was disappointed with some European politicians who did not demand Russia's fulfillment of the agreement.

"I am disappointed by some European politicians who have not called for to resolve this issue. They have not insisted on the implementation of the agreement," he said. "He [Sarkozy] must persuade Russia to fulfill the cease-fire agreement on Aug. 12, 2008. It provides for the withdrawal of Russian troops to the pre-war positions. Russia violate s all international norms not fulfilling the agreement," McCain concluded.

The senator also said that Russia must take efforts to fulfill the agreement about the reduction of conventional arms.

Georgia's Rustavi-2 TV channel made the right and the obvious choice in selecting a critic of Russia. Mr. McCain is always ready to release expressively negative views about Russia. Some Russian politicians use the US senator in their interests as well. Garry Kasparov and Boris Nemtsov, for instance, arrange meetings with McCain on a regular basis. The meetings are primarily devoted to such issues as the introduction of visa sanctions against Russian officials and the retrieval of American leadership in the democratic world.

However, one may say that Mr. McCain has become milder in his anti-Russian rant. In December of 2010, the senator harshly criticized Russia and said that the Obama administration must resume arms shipments for Georgia's Saakashvili. McCain offered not to accept Russia in the World Trade Organization. This time, judging upon his interview for the Georgian TV company, the senator does not propagate such a punishment for Russia. It seems that this idea has not earned him much support among other senators.

Anton Kulikov


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov