Why Iran? Why not Israel?

Why Iran? Why not Israel?. 44336.jpegIn spite of the difficulties, which UN sanctions created, Iran continues to develop its nuclear technologies. The report, which was delivered to the UN Security Council, contains information about multiple violations of international sanctions imposed against Iran for the country's refusal to shut down its nuclear program. International experts have thus acknowledged the inefficiency of previous methods of putting pressure on the Islamic Republic.

According to experts, the only achievement of the sanctions is the fact that Iran's nuclear developments became slower and more expensive. However, Teheran will sooner or later achieve its goal anyway, the report says. Time delays are not that significant, and Iran will have enough time to realize more than just one nuclear project.

According to the report, Iran finds around about ways owing to dummy companies and secret funds. To prove the point, the experts refer to the recent detention of a cargo vessel in Singapore. The cargo on board the arrested vessel was supposedly meant for Iran's missile program.

It seems strange that the report uses such words as "supposedly". One has to have conclusive evidence to set forth such serious claims to the country. Nevertheless, the authors of the report offered to blacklist Behineh Trading Co. company, which, according to their information, was connected with the arrested cargo from China.

The mentioning of China is not incidental. Russia refused to ship S-300 missile systems to Iran. China could become a successful replacement for Russia in the deal: the country arranged its own production of S-300 complexes. Two weeks after Russia's decision, Iran proudly displayed its own systems at a military parade. The systems demonstrated in Iran were most likely of the Chinese origin. Iran desperately needs such systems to defend its territory against possible attacks from Israel and the United States.

It is worthy of note that the above-mentioned report also sets claims against Iran's closest ally - Syria. According to the document, Iran receives the necessary materials with Syria's help. It particularly goes about conventional arms. Needless to say that the West is waging a large-scale informational war against Syria to overthrow Bashar Assad's regime.

Iran plays a very important role in China's economy since the Islamic Republic is the primary supplier of oil to the Celestial Empire.

The West will not be able to make Iran stop its nuclear program with the help of sanctions. In addition to sanctions, the West conducts intelligence operations against the country. Iranian leading nuclear physicists have been assassinated during the recent years. However, this method of struggle is also inefficient: new scientists continue the work of their predecessors.

The military scenario of the development of the situation becomes more and more actual. However, the Israeli administration, which is known for its fondness of weapon-rattling, has serious doubts about the need to strike Iran.

Mossad's former chief Meir Dagan criticized Netanyahu for his wish to strike a preventive blow on Israel. According to Dagan, an attack against Iran would be a silly action, because the country has many nuclear objects, including those, which Tel Aviv does not know at all.

It is worthy of note that the news about unsuccessful efforts of the international community to destroy the Iranian nuclear program coincided with reports saying that Teheran had received another batch of uranium for its first nuclear power plant in Bushehr.

It is important to say here that the Iranian nuclear program was launched during the era of shah Pahlavi, who used to be an ally of the United States. The then Iranian administration harbored plans during the 1960s to reduce the nation's dependence on hydrocarbons with the help of 23 nuclear power plants. The Americans reached out a helping hand to the shah. The USA handed over a nuclear reactor to the USA in 1967. In 1974, German and French firms started to build the Bushehr nuclear plant, which Russia completed.

The cooperation was put to a standstill after the pro-Western regime in Iran collapsed. Teheran stopped dancing to the tunes of the West. Years later, Iran returned to its nuclear project, but was very surprised to find out that the West no longer allowed it. Iran became a rogue state just because it no longer wanted to be a servant to the US.

Iran's politics does not depend on any other country. China compromises with its conscience and turns a blind eye on NATO's aggression in Libya. The Islamic Republic simply ignores any pressure that the West is trying to put on it.

Nowadays, the country says that it has to continue the development of the nuclear program to guarantee national security. The international community has no reasons whatsoever for putting pressure on Iran. No one has managed to prove that Iran's nuclear program has a military character. For some reason, it does not occur to anyone to attack North Korea - the country that already has nuclear arms.

However, the international community is certain that as soon as Iran has nuclear weapons at its disposal, it will attack Israel, and the Third World War will begin. What about Israel? This country has a nuclear arsenal, not to mention the fact that Israel has the experience of armed conflicts with neighboring states (e.g. in 1956, 1967 and in 1982). Iran never attacked anyone after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Quite on the contrary, the West set Iraq against Iran in 1980. Why Israel can do the things, which Iran is not allowed to do?

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov