CIA - stronghold of world democracy?

42944.jpegWhom are the American intelligence services working against? This question arose after the recent failure of the U.S. spies in five European countries. Still fresh is the memory of the opposition between the CIA and KGB, as well as the story about the American Knights of the cloak and dagger fabricating a conclusion about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that gave reason for the U.S. aggression against this country.

Is the CIA conducting work even against its Western allies? Alexander Kolpakidi, the author of numerous papers on the work of the intelligence services, shared his thoughts with

"It is not surprising that the Americans were caught while performing subversive activities. The U.S. intelligence services have always behaved that way around the globe. Virtually all countries of the world, including the EU and NATO countries, have secret CIA tracking stations. This is not the first scandal with regard to their failure. For example, several years ago, the Greek police found one of these stations mistaking it for a terrorist base. When the storm began, "terrorists" opened a furious fire, killing a police officer.

- But why do the Americans conduct subversive activities in friendly countries?

"This is because in the era of the global crisis the U.S. is changing its strategy. If earlier it had adhered to the concept of the "golden billion" according to which the good life was allowed for a limited group of countries, mainly Western ones, now it has changed the strategy to the "golden million," which implies that the good life is the exclusive privilege of the United States.

To do this, America needs full control over the world. As for Europe, the U.S. intelligence agencies act there in such a way as to weaken it as much as possible, since it is now a competitor for the U.S. in many ways, starting with the division of the commodity markets and ending with the industrial competition. The idea of creation of the united Europe is also in conflict with the American vision of the world. In general, the entire world now lives up to a concept "every man for himself."

Moreover, America's actions have always been particularly cynical. Driving the subversive activities against Iran, America says that "cannibalistic orders" prevail in the country, yet they refuse to notice what is going on in such allied countries as Egypt and Saudi Arabia."

- It seems that it is a tradition for the Americans...

"The U.S. intelligence agencies have always carried out dirty tasks. Take, for example, the operation of the CIA in 1951 to overthrow Col. Arbenz in Guatemala. I have to say that dozens, if not hundreds of such operations have been conducted. The point is that the Americans have installed their protégé in the country and began conducting experiments on Guatemalan criminals. For example, contracting them with syphilis.

When their secrets get revealed somewhere, they apologize only to engage in the same dark deeds and conduct anti-democratic policies, as always. Take at least a sensational "Operation Condor" in Latin America, when hundreds of thousands of opponents of the pro-American regimes were abducted and killed. Now they are presented as heroes.

They hold the president in their tenacious paws as well. Kennedy's assassination is linked to them. What happened to Oswald accused of the crime, as well as dozens of witnesses who were simply killed, clearly indicates those who actually rule in the U.S.

At one point the Americans justified their subversive activities against Russia with the fact that the Soviet Union was funding the Communist Party in the Western countries. However, the Soviet Union had allocated only $20 million for these purposes, while the Americans spent tens or hundreds of times more money on their secret operations against Russia."

- It seems that there is no way to control the CIA?

"In 1960, the CIA was publicly exposed by its officers, angry that the agency had turned into a monster.
After this CIA somewhat tempered its enthusiasm for some time, but then, when public attention to it weakened somewhat, it engaged in its old tricks and has generally came out of any legal field. CIA agents learned from past mistakes and did not allow such scandals to surface."

- Does this mean that they hold not only foreign governments but also their own country at gunpoint?

"Absolutely. They conduct work within the United States as well, but in a slightly different direction. The war in Indochina was largely stopped as a result of the mass anti-war movement. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been going on for ten years, but there is nothing like the events of late 1960 - early 1970 in the US. The special services immediately take those who try to protest under their strict control.

- There is an opinion that the CIA reaches its goals not only by bombings and kidnappings.

"You should not think that the methods of intelligence are limited only to some violent actions. Now subversive activities are carried out not only with the help of explosives, but with the help of propaganda. If before dissident literature was brought into Russia, now glamor, vulgarity, sexual promiscuity, and permissiveness are strenuously cultivated among our youth. The purpose of all this is moral decay of the society of potential adversaries, since the people who are only concerned with satisfying their lowest needs obviously cannot become the support for the country."

Sergei Balmasov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov