Yemen challenges the USA

George Bush administration is experiencing rather hard times: the anti-terrorist coalition is going to pieces because of discrepancies about Iraq, but the Pentagon’s military machine is already working at its full capacity and can't be stopped in a moment. Money for an offensive in Iraq ($200 billion) has been already appropriated and should be spent. Besides, soldiers and equipment necessary for the offensive have been already delivered to the region, to Qatar particularly.

The situation is not so bad, but Iraq has upset all plans of Washington once again when it allowed international inspectors to the country. It is left only to strive for new UN resolutions on Iraq, which is currently Washington’s main objective. George Bush doesn’t think Baghdad’s official permission to hold military inspections is a serious step. An American project of the resolution will be submitted to the Congress for consideration probably today, as American officials say that not so much time is left. It is not clear how relations will change in the Congress after the November 5th elections. As of now, the US president has managed to enlist support of several senators, he even says that republicans and democrats will be working together. The text of a resolution on Iraq should be strict and clear to the limit.

US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld attempted to persuade the Congress of the necessity to launch an offensive against Iraq. In his words, Washington can give up a war variant of relations with Iraq only if Saddam Hussein suddenly quits the post and leaves the country together with the family, or if the Iraqi people overthrow the leader.

Washington got so much pre-occupied with Iraq but missed Yemen. The country was originally mentioned on the US Department of State list of countries that harbored al-Qaeda terrorists. Besides Yemen, Sudan, Libya and some other countries were also on the list. Americans planned special operations for searching terrorists and their bases in Yemen. Saudi’s newspaper Ash-Shark al-Ausat informs that about 800 US special forces, including marine corps and Delta forces are already at a Djibouti military base waiting for further instructions concerning an anti-terrorist operation in Yemen. However, there will be no instructions as Yemen prohibited the USA to start any anti-terrorist operations on its territory, vice-speaker of the Yemen parliament, Naji Al told al-Jazeera television Thursday. He said, US’s direct military interference in the Yemeni internal affairs would have hardest consequences. He also added, Yemen had enough powers to detain people who are breaking the law and wouldn’t allow other countries hold operations that may damage its domestic security. As the situation about Iraq is still vague, the last statement has become a telling blow against America’s interests in the region. If the small Yemen showed the USA the door, the others won’t be afraid to as well.

Dmitry Chirkin


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Author`s name Michael Simpson