USA To Use Colombia for Military Action Against Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez delivered a speech to thousands of his followers, urging them to be prepared for aggression from Colombia - the nation supported by the United States. Chavez also said that oil shipments from Venezuela to the States would be suspended in the event any aggression takes place against his country. If it happens, Chavez said, Venezuela will not deliver a drop of oil to the USA, the largest consumer of Venezuelan black gold.

Chavez also accused the USA of plotting attempts against his life. This seems to be the strongest anti-American statement, which the Venezuelan president has released this year. As for the relations with the neighboring state of Colombia, Chavez had to cancel his visit to Cuba, where he intended to take part in the festivities of the National Revolution Day.

Chavez said that he had canceled the visit over his expectations of military aggression against Venezuela from Colombia.

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"If there was any armed aggression against Venezuela from Colombian territory or from anywhere else, promoted by the Yankee empire, we would suspend oil shipments to the United States even if we have to eat stones here," Chavez said. "The possibility of an armed aggression against Venezuelan territory from Colombia is higher than it has been in 100 years," news agencies quoted Chavez as saying.

The president of Venezuela believes that Colombia may launch the aggression in Venezuela's border state of Zulia, chaired by the opposition governor who can support the aggressor, as Chavez said.

Hugo Chavez announced the termination of Venezuela's relations with Colombia on July 22, after Colombia called off its ambassador from Venezuela. The ambassador had to leave the country following the speech delivered by a Colombian official at the meeting of the Organization of American States in Washington.

Luis Alfonso Hoyos, he Colombian Ambassador for the OAS, stated that Chavez had provided shelter to over 1,500 FARC and ELN rebels. These leftist extremist groups are involved in drug trafficking business and terrorist acts committed against the Colombian population, the official claimed. Colombia's outgoing President Alvaro Uribe also said that the leaders of the above-mentioned terrorist groups were hiding in Venezuela.

Chavez responded with saying that he was terminating diplomatic ties with Colombia. He also stated that Uribe was running aggressive policies against Venezuela and added that the Colombian president was posing a threat to the world and was capable of committing an action which could lead to an armed conflict at the end of his presidency.

The Venezuelan leader had serious reasons for his remarks indeed. The confrontation between Colombia and Venezuela escalated after Bogota announced the establishment of another army base on the border. Six new special landing force battalions armed with US combat helicopters appeared in the Armed Forces of Colombia.

When Chavez says that it is Washington that masterminds Bogota's preparations to a possible military action against Venezuela, he does not exaggerate here.

Colombia and the USA signed an agreement in October 2009 to provide seven army bases to US servicemen. The document stipulates the presence of 1,400 US military men on Colombia's territory to assist Bogota in the struggle against drug trafficking.

The US State Department obviously took Colombia's side in the diplomatic scandal with Venezuela. US officials said that Caracas should treat seriously Colombia's reproaches of Venezuela's support of communist gunmen. That is why the Venezuelan leader is certain that the United States is the prime instigator of the crisis between the two Latin American nations.

Chavez believes that the US government will use Colombia's accusations against the Venezuelan authorities as an excuse to justify a possible attack against Venezuela in front of the international community.

US State Department P.J. Crowley traditionally stated that Venezuela's concerns were unfounded and added that the USA was not planning any military action against Venezuela.

It is worthy of note that Venezuela is the leading oil exporter in Latin America and the leader of the anti-American movement on the continent. As experience shows, the USA does not tolerate such disobedience. The history of Chile, Panama, Grenada, Guatemala and other countries shows that Hugo Chavez has every reason to get ready for a possible aggression.

Ivan Tulyakov

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