Each President To Get a Fancy Car in Prague

The guests of the NATO summit will be given lovely presents

Another NATO summit is to start working in Prague on Thursday. It stands the reason that it is a big event, indeed.  In addition to that,  this arrangement is not only an excuse to discuss the latest events, or to make more members of the alliance. A NATO summit  is also a very good excuse for advertising.

The automobile company Volkswagen (Volkswagen owns the Czech company Skoda) was really lucky in this respect, for instance. This company is going to provide its cars for foreign guests of the summit. As RIA Novosti informed,  the stock of cars, which are going to be used by the participants of the summit, counts 320 vehicles. All those cars belong to Volkswagen – 55 armored limos Audi A8 for the leaders of delegations, 171 Skoda Superb cars and 25 Skoda Oktavia cars for foreign and defense ministers. There are also 55 minibuses and 15 Volkswagen LT vehicles as well.

Spokesman for the company Import Volkswagen Group, David Lishka, said that all the cars would be rendered to the guests of the NATO summit free of charge. As he added, the only profit that the company gained from the summit was the title – the official partner of NATO summit. Lishka stated that the current summit will also play the role of a public presentation of Volkswagen’s  new model, Audi A8.

Well, as a matter of fact, Mr. Lishka was not really honest as far as the only profit for the car company is concerned. World leaders will be advertising Volkswagen’s production for two days running. The competitors will have nothing else to do, but to whip the cat with envy. When the summit finishes working, all the cars will be sold.  It deems that Volkswagen is not going to suffer any losses from that deal.

Presidents and prime ministers will be given other gifts too.  As the press service showed, those would be nice and good presents. The gifts will particularly include: 50 sets of Czech glass (decanters and tall wine glasses), plus a bottle of fancy Becherovka liqueur.

Nevertheless, the summit in Prague will be remarkable not only for its little things, but for big security measures too. The Czechs have already restricted the air traffic above the territory of the Czech republic. Prague residents will definitely have nerve-racking problems connected with traffic jams in the city. The government promised to restrict the traffic in the central streets of Prague as well.

As a matter of fact, the events of this scale lead to the problems, which rarely happened about ten years ago. At present moment there is a variety of threats coming up, from terrorists to anti-globalist organizations. The countries of the European Union call off the Shengen Treaty for the time of such top meetings. However, this does not help to prevent from clashes with anti-globalists. One shall assume that there will be conflicts again.

There is an impression that the organizers of such events take more and more efforts to make those events look glorious. It is probably right – one should attract people’s attention to the discussion of vital problems. Yet, the spending on those summits grows, although the problems do not become fewer in their number.

Vasily Bubnov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka