New Basque group threatens “colonies”

The new Basque militant group Euskal Borroka promises to expel Spaniards from territories that “are not theirs”. The motto is The Basque country is for the Basques.

Euskal Borroka means “Basque fight” and this new group appears to be one of the most militant, if not the most, to have appeared in recent years. The new group speaks in terms of “ethnic cleansing”, sending the non-Basques out of the Basque country to Spain.

In a letter addressed to councillors of the Partido Popular (PP, government), Euskal Borroka invited the “colony inhabitants of the municipalities” to voluntarily leave the Basque country because they are “occupying territory which is not theirs and which they hold be force of arms”. The letter adds that all efforts will be made to expel the non-Basques from the territory.

The police are investigating the claims in a climate of growing tension: after the political party Herri Batasuna was made illegal for not unequivocally condemning ETA terrorist attacks, there have been waves of demonstrations in the Basque country in favour of the party, which despite official bans, have gone ahead.

For the first time in years, it seems that the Basque country is no longer Spain and that the consensus of common sense which reigned over years of uncertainty and political troubles is disappearing.


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Author`s name Michael Simpson