Eduard Shevardnadze fakes struggle against terrorists again - 13 September, 2002

Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze is again faking struggle with international terrorists that have entrenched themselves on Georgian territory. It has been announced that he will sign a certain "plan of action" for the Georgian authorities in connection with Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement on Russian-Georgian relations. When speaking on the national television on Friday, Georgian state minister Avtandil Dzhorbenadze said that the plan contained "serious measures", including intensified "operation of Georgian law-enforcement structures in the Pankisi gorge".

Earlier, similar actions by Georgia, including the so-called anti-criminal operation in the Pankisi gorge, turned out to be just a farce.

Besides, the Georgian president's statement and address to the world community are being prepared, the minister said.

The aggravation of Georgian-Russian relations "is not connected with Chechnya or terrorists", Dzhorbenadze stated. "Here we face such a serious problem as national interests," he said. The problems in the Russian-Georgian relations are caused by "Russia's annoyance with Georgia's increasing transit function", the state minister believes. "Thanks to its participation in energy transit projects", Georgia "is finding its place in the international community," he said. "That is why problems between Georgia and some countries arose," Dzhorbenadze explained.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin