Republicans Playing Political Games

by Babu G. Ranganathan

The Republicans are playing political games with the economy and with the Senators Reid/Lott issue.

There's just too much ignorance of the facts on the part of those judging President Obama on the economy. America's entire financial mess is not President Obama's fault, but rather our mess arose from following the Republican principles of Reaganomics (less government control and more rugged individualism for the financial sector). Controls, rules, and regulations in the financial industry were stripped away allowing for wealthy people and corporations to make massive amounts of money dishonestly. All this happened long before Obama.

Former President Clinton, thanks to congressional Republican pressure, repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. The repeal of this act by Clinton made it legal for banks and corporations to get involved in risky money-making. Businesses no longer had to worry about conflicts of interest when dealing with the their money as well as the public's money. The repeal of this act fulfilled Reagan’s philosophy of leaving the market to itself with little or no government supervision and control.

President Obama is trying to restore these regulations so that capitalism works within a system of checks and balances for society‘s good. If not for massive government intervention rugged individualism would have destroyed us all by now including the rugged individualists! Because of massive government intervention we're not in a great depression as we would be in if Reaganomics was allowed to continue to its logical end. Let us all work with the President where we can in spite of disagreements on other issues.

Look, since I'm pro-life I don't agree with President Obama on abortion rights but that doesn't mean Obama is wrong about everything under the sun. Obama never promised us a rose garden. Let's be thankful that Obama did help to prevent the economic situation from getting incredibly worse.

As for Senator Reid what he said about Obama being light-skinned and without a "Negro" dialect must be put into context. Reid was giving an explanation, during the campaign trail, for why Obama would be more acceptable to whites in comparison to other African-Americans. Reid was not being racist. Reid is no racist! He was just being accurate about why many white Americans won't mind supporting Obama. Senator Lott, on the other hand, implicitly agreed with Sen. Strom Thurmond's segregationist views. There's a big difference. No honest and thinking person should compare the two.

The author, Babu G. Ranganathan, has a B.A. with concentrations in theology and biology and has been recognized for his writings on religion and science in the 24th edition of Marquis "Who's Who In The East". The author's articles may be accessed at

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