USA Loses Its Face. Its White Face

The United States of America will lose its white face by the middle of the 21st century. The population of the USA will grow from 308 to 399 million people by that period. The number of white people in the country will decrease from the current 66 to 50 or even 47 percent, a report from the US Census Bureau said.

The share of African Americans will not have a significant increase and will grow from 12 to 12.2 percent. The number of Asians in America will grow from 4.4 to 6 percent.

Who is going to press the white Americans? They are natives of the countries of Central and South America. They make up 15 percent of the US population, but the number is expected to double by the middle of the 21st century – to 28 percent.

Analysts believed in 2008 that it would happen a lot earlier – in 2042. It did not happen because of the economic crisis. The number of jobs in the country dropped, which affected the number of immigrants. The toughening of the US immigration law also played its role.

Scientists predicted a year ago that white children would lose their majority in the States already in 2023, but the date was then pushed back to 2031.

Experts say that such forecasts are not absolutely reliable because they depend on a number of factors, which are very hard to predict and which may change in length of time.

For example, it is very important how quick and when the US economy restores after the crisis. This is the major aspect that affects the inflow of immigrants – presumably from Latin American and Asian states.

No one can predict the future changes in the US immigration law either. Natural or man-made disasters can add more changes too.

Even if it takes long for the US economy to rise, and the immigration law becomes stricter, the number of white Americans by 2050 will decrease to 58 percent. The share of Hispanic population will grow almost 1.5 times – to 21 percent – owing to the high birth rate.

Here is another variant. The US economy recovers in the next few years and the immigration law stays quite benign. In this case the white population will not longer make the majority already by 2040. The share of Asians may double in comparison with the current level (to 8 percent), whereas the share of the white population will drop to 47 percent.

“It’s not about immigration only. The emancipation of women of the European race is another very serious reason of this phenomenon. White women used to give birth to several children 50 years ago. The birth rate dropped considerably since then - to only one or two children,” Boris Pushkarev, an American of the Russian origin told Pravda.Ru.

The birth rate among the people of the Negroid and Asian population is a lot higher. Their families are traditionally large: it is not normal to have one or two kids there.

The decreasing birthrate among the Caucasian (white) race is a common trend in the whole world nowadays.

As for consequences, the changing racial structure of the US population may lead to the growth of racial clashes.

Sergey Balmasov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov