Berlusconi Attack To Cut Freedom of Speech on Social Networks

Silvio Berlusconi’s face has become the talk of the day in many countries of the world recently. Massimo Tartaglia , the 42-year-old attacker, who hurled a statuette at the 73-year-old Italian leader, turned out to be a mentally disturbed individual, who had 24 years of clinical records.

Tartaglia said during an interrogation that he had attacked Berlusconi because he disliked the political course of the Italian prime minister. He said that he did not want to miss the chance when he saw Berlusconi on December 13 in Milan.

Italy’s Interior Ministry Roberto Maroni stated that the head of the Italian government could have been killed in the attack.

Many people wondered how such a blatant attack could become possible. What were Berlusconi’s security guards doing at the moment? How could they let this happen?

Italy’s Interior Ministry believes that the attack was organized by Berlusconi’s political rivals.

Italy’s leading politicians visited the prime minister at hospital. All of them condemned the attack and even referred to the incident as a terrorist act.

There were people in the Italian internet community who supported the attack. Over 500,000 people expressed their support to Tartaglia online. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said he counted some 300 groups on Facebook praising Berlusconi's assailant, and he was considering pulling them off the social network.

The attack raises many questions. First and foremost, Berlusconi’s bodyguards did not inspect the people who approached the Italian prime minister. It all was allowed to happen in the country in which political assassinations of ministers, deputies and judges are committed on a regular basis.

The campaign against Berlusconi in the Italian media could also become the reason for the attack. News stories about Berlusconi’s love affairs are offered to the general public almost every week. Other reports said that the wealthy prime minister liked to party on his villa instead of helping the poor and even helped his lovers make careers in politics.

Many Italians hated it when Berlusconi called himself the best prime minister in the history of the nation. Millions of people were concerned about the fact that Berlusconi’s government was cutting social allowances in Italy.

In general, the attack against Silvio Berlusconi outlined many problems in Italy, but it is not about the Italian community alone.

Vadim Trukhachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov