North Korea Starts Acting Like Dying Vermin

North Korea threatened to choose a different way if the United States does not take a decision to start bilateral talks behind the backs of all other members of negotiations, an unidentified official representing North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said.

The bilateral talks, the NKorean official believes, will ease tension in the relations between Washington and Pyongyang and create the basis to discuss the nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula.

The talks were scrapped in December 2008 when North Korea refused to shut down its nuclear program. In May of this year, the country conducted two nuclear tests and several missile launches, which sparked outrage in the world. Many analysts said that Pyongyang was simply trying to intimidate the international community and receive food, financial support and fuel from the West again.

However, the UN Security Council passed a resolution on June 12 to introduce new tougher sanctions against North Korea.

Pyongyang now concentrates all of its efforts on Washington. The isolated nation intends to establish a dialogue with the United States alone, to leave all other members of the six-sided talks (China, Russia, South Korea and Japan) aside.

North Korea believes that it must first end hostility between Washington and Pyongyang because the six-way talks would not bring any results otherwise.

A North Korean official visited New York on October 24 to discuss the nuclear issue. American experts noted that the permission for a high-ranking NKorean official to enter the US territory was a sign of Washington’s willingness to resume the disrupted talks.

Hillary Clinton stated that Washington did not exclude an opportunity to resume the talks, albeit the six-sided talks only.

Pyongyang responded that it would have to choose a different way to proceed with the problem unless the United States was not prepared to make a decision.

Observers said that the rogue state would continue increasing and modernizing its nuclear potential. Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama believes that there is nothing to discuss with Pyongyang until it starts taking real, not verbal actions in the elimination of its missile and nuclear program.

It is worthy of note that the United States and South Korea developed a special plan – OPLAN 5029 – in case an emergency appears in North Korea.

The plan stipulates the neutralization of NKorea’s nuclear arms with the help of the action taken by special military units that will land in the nation.

Viktor Kremenyuk, a senior expert with the Institute for the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Pravda.Ru that Washington needed to have the NKorean nuclear systems defunct.

“If it becomes clear that the North Korean regime does not intend to destroy its nuclear arsenal, the USA may take military measures against the nation. US officials believe that Pyongyang’s recent loud statements reflect a serious crisis inside the North Korean regime. Some experts even say that the regime in Pyongyang may collapse. It is clear that Kim John-il’s days are numbered. What’s going to happen next?

“It is not ruled out that North Korean military men will not wish to see one of Kim’s sons at power in the nation, which may trigger a conflict in the country. This is the reason why the USA does not want to hurry with making concessions, like it was before,” the expert said.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov