Iran Persistently Continues to Dig Its Own Grave

The talks about the Iranian nuclear program, which start in Geneva today (October 1) are not likely to end successfully. The US administration already works on the package of single-handed sanctions to suit any fancy. Russia sets out concerns about Iran’s recent missile tests. China offers everyone to calm down. Experts continue to insist that Teheran will find a way to escape any sanctions, which makes a preventive blow on the nation’s nuclear objects inevitable.

Iran has not been able to prove it to the international community that its nuclear program is solely peaceful. Quite on the contrary, Teheran has been persistently intensifying uranium enrichment activities and demonstrating the power of its arms, which pose the biggest danger to Israel, first and foremost.

It would be perfect if Iran unveiled the entire information of its nuclear developments and okayed the inspection of nuclear objects. That does not seem to be likely, though.

As for the reaction of the international community, China urged world leaders not to aggravate the situation with Iran. China develops commercial ties with Iran and views the state as a key ally in the region. Beijing did not change its stance on Iran after the latter announced the opening of an additional uranium enrichment plant.

Unlike China, Russia is ready to support possible sanctions against Iran. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the missile launches, which Iran conducted recently, were banned by international treaties.

The USA does not expect any positive changes in the development of the situation with Iran. White House spokespeople said that the US administration was already working on the plans to toughen sanctions against the Mideastern nation.

New measures can already be taken this year. Most likely, they will affect the energy industry, including the embargo on the deliveries of petroleum products, the sphere of finance, insurance and telecommunications. Washington also intends to cut the import of sanctioned goods to Iran via third world countries.

"Iran has a choice: to comply with its international obligations and that would mean not only offering inspections (of its nuclear facilities) but ending its activities absent the kind of monitoring and supervision that would guarantee that what they are doing is solely for peaceful purposes. The alternative track is greater isolation and international pressure,” Hillary Clinton said.

Many experts say that the new sanctions are inevitable. Some say, though, that they can make the Iranians unite in their support of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Yevgeny Satanovsky, the president of the Institute for the Middle East, said that Iran had no chances to avoid international sanctions. However, the expert doubts that the sanctions will be effective.

“As a matter of fact, international sanctions are not efficient at all. They were effective only with the case of the South African Republic when the political will of its administration regarding the intention to refuse from the military nuclear program coincided with the political will of the countries that introduced the sanctions.

“The Iranian administration does not care. It goes without saying that Iran will be building an A-bomb. It goes without saying that it will finally build it sooner or later. Destroying the nuclear objects in Iran is the only option that one can pursue at this point,” the expert said.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov