Fidel Castro Looking Good at 83

Fidel Castro just celebrated his 83rd birthday, as Hugo Chavez made a surprise visit for the occasion of Fidel's birthday. No major events were held in Cuba to commemorate Fidel Castro's birthday but he published a column in Granma about the global economic crisis that is hitting the country, vowing to "carry on." Western corporate media strangely decided to announce a picture of a “healthy looking” Fidel Castro during his recent meeting with the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa Delgado.

At that visit, an extensive dialogue took place on economic matters, education and health. The two presidents also discussed international affairs, spoke of cultural and historical topics and the continued close friendship between both countries.

The leaders spoke of the revolutionary search for equality and social justice both are committed to. Fidel expressed his admiration for the work done in the Mission "Manuela Espejo" for the screening of the disabled in the sister nation.

Western corporate media usually enjoys presenting Fidel Castro as a weak, feeble creature barely certain of his next breath. This is despite the fact that since his illness and surgery, Fidel Castro has received many leaders of fraternal nations. He also writes regular articles known as “Reflections” which give the unique perspective that only Fidel Castro could give. His brother, Raul Castro, has pledged to continue the successes and objectives of the Cuban Revolution.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey