Warts, Vomit and Diarrhea Save Viktor Yushchenko's Life

Doctor Jean Saurat, a dermatologist with the Swiss Centre for Human Applied Toxicology, the lead scientist of the team which treated Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko of the consequences of his dioxin poisoning, prepared a scientific publication for The Lancet, the world’s leading general medical journal.

This publication is a report that will be published in one of the nearest issues. The scientist is going to disclose all the secrets of Yushchenko’s case, although some details are already known to the general public.

The scientist confirmed that Yushchenko had been poisoned with pure dioxin, which can only be received in laboratory conditions. Someone supposedly added the toxic substance to Yushchenko’s soup which he ate for dinner in Kiev on 5 September 2004. As a result, the concentrations of the toxic substance in his blood exceeded the norm 50,000 times. It was a lethal dose, and Yushchenko might have died from poisoning.

The Swiss doctors assure that Yushchenko survived due to vomiting and having diarrhea. Those awful skin growths that grew on his face and body also saved the poisoned Ukrainian president.

The doctors believe that the warts saved Yushchenko’s life by isolating dioxin away from his vital internal organs. They warts detoxified dioxin as they produced powerful enzymes called cytochrome p450s.The growths were created from skin stem cells.

“So skin can be regarded as a detoxifying organ,” Saurat says.

The treatment involved the anti-obesity drug, as dioxin is known to be stored in fat. This medicine is hardly ever used as it causes vitamin deficiency and intense diarrhea. Yushchenko had to endure it for the sake of his own health. About 50 percent of the toxic substances was excreted from his body in 15 months.

“He's not completely clean yet, but we've got more than 95 per cent of it out now,” says Saurat. “The skin lesions are still there, but less severe.”

The rumours saying that Viktor Yushchenko has leprosy or suffered from stem cells injections which he made to rejuvenate himself are not true to fact. The Ukrainian president was poisoned during his presidential campaign in Ukraine, but was incredibly lucky to stay alive.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov