Are nuclear kamikazes to reach America? - 10 September, 2002

There is a legend that first ballistic missiles with nuclear weaponry were piloted, in addition to the nuclear warheads they also had a cockpit for a military pilot. Although it seems fantastic, it is at the same time rather logical that ballistic missiles were piloted in the previous century: there were no guidance systems at the end of the 1950s.

Missiles are not shells from a cannon which trajectory is defined with the initial starting conditions, speed and orientation of the gun. While the missile engine speeds up the missile and stages of the carrier get separated, a number of factors is operating to drive the missile far from the target. In fact, originally ballistic weapons were analogous to ancient catapults with which hostile fortresses had been attacked. That is why a great number of missiles was built to make sure that the target was hit.

These are not only idle fantasies: lack of effective guiding systems was the subject of a comedy popular in the 1960s, Sia Forst, Frede! (Strike First, Freddie!) where spies wanted to seize “a military secret”, the carrier pigeons that controlled the flight from inside the missiles. It is perfectly clear that a man would perform more effective.

In any case, development of surface, water and satellite guidance systems, the fleet of nuclear submarines equipped with missiles have saved leaders of the war race of the necessity to train units of space kamikaze (if such had really existed because we are speaking of a legend, although a very credible one). It was effectiveness of guidance systems, not the good will of Gorbachev and Reagan that encouraged them for nuclear disarmament. There was no need any more to keep big arsenals when amount of missiles compensated for poor accuracy.

These aspects should be taken into consideration to give a better estimate to challenges addressed to the humanity in the new century.

The problem is that only industrially developed and technologically advanced countries can afford expensive satellite guidance systems to follow the trajectory of missiles. And countries that have carrier rockets and nuclear weapons, but no guidance systems, have to use piloted nuclear missiles. And it is obvious that such countries can have just several piloted nuclear missiles, however all leading countries of the world will have to take them into consideration.

Can a nation-wide anti-missile defense guarantee protection? First of all, there is no system that can guarantee a 100% effectiveness. Second, the very fact of such anti-missile defense changes the problem situation and new logical variants appear. Let’s consider them.

The anti-missile defense of Moscow is maintained by intercepting missiles. Unlike the USA, Russia owns a developed technology to track aggressive strikes with three radio-locating bearings and intercept them with anti-aircraft missiles. It is known that attempts to spread the system over the Soviet Union territory had caused panic among the enemies. The USA insisted that construction of a Krasnoyarsk radar near the Yenissey River, that was meant to maintain the Russian national anti-aircraft defense, should be stopped.

A similar system is just being worked upon in the USA; it will take a long time and much finance to complete it. However, is it to be effective enough? Does it make sense to work on it at all? You can find the answer in a book by Andrey Shmarygin, The Strategic Defensive Initiative As Seen By A Russian Colonel, on the Internet, or from articles by American scientific observer, John Horgan.

A massive attack with a great number of missiles and warheads is the easiest way to break such anti-aircraft defense. However, individual nuclear kamikaze can also get it easily over, if a crew is well-equipped to meet radio-controlled interceptors. Besides, kamikazes can also use various means to mislead radars tracking them. Thus, introduction of the anti-aircraft defense will result in a new armament stage when ballistic “flying fortresses” will replace ballistic catapults. They will allow to break the defense, return the fire of interceptors and emit cover-ups of aluminum dust to repulse radio-waves.

Another important principle can be also used in the anti-aircraft defense: the superstandard layers can be artificially ionized to hamper operations of the surface guidance systems.

The Russian mass media are making much stir about a HAARP plant set by the USA in Alaska: an address of the Russian Duma deputies was published in Russia’s newspaper Parlamentskaya Gazeta (Parliamentary Newspaper) in July.  The Russian deputies are anxious that the set will allow Americans to heat the atmosphere so that any ballistic missile will burn immediately before approaching, which in its turn, is to bring inevitable consequences for the planet. It is really awful, because even slightest fluctuations of the air temperature bring typhoons, frost, floods. However, these fears are groundless because the set can’t “roast” the atmosphere. It is well known that too much energy is necessary to heat the atmosphere to this condition. And what for? No matter how hot the atmosphere is, it can’t burn any missiles, moreover, they will successfully hit the targets. It is like hiding from arbalest arrows behind a campfire.  

Are Russian deputies so stupid not to understand that? Americans built the new expensive system to create some kind of northern lights to hamper the Soviet guidance systems.

An interesting effect has been discovered by physicians: it turned out that air shines right in the place where two radar rays with definite characteristics cross. A man-caused “star” appears in the sky at that.  If the radar rays are coordinated, the star starts roaming the sky, which in its turn produces a surprising effect. This effect caused many legends about unidentified flying objects that can fly quicker than the velocity of light, its course can be zigzag at that. It is like a spot of reflected light that children like so much. As for more realistic flying objects, you can read about them in my book, UFO Liquidation (it is available at on the Internet).

A Russian popular newspaper Top Secret also published about the address of the Duma deputies concerning the set established in Alaska. The article proves that Americans used development of Serbian genius Nikola Tesla, who had invented the alternate current scheme. Nikola Tesla also invented distant ionization. One of the laboratories of the Siberian aerospace academy uses the effect for commercial purposes: neon lamps of lightning can  shine wireless, which can’t be also damaged neither with rain, nor with snow. So, the panic is senseless, as it is only indirectly concerns the anti-aircraft defense.

The Russian deputies have made for the US’s benefit when they alleged that the USA held something strong to protect them from a missile attack. In fact, artificial northern lights can save only from a precise guidance system. It is clear why no antennas are used on Alaska: the USSR is no longer a threat to the US’s nuclear safety, however, no luminous effects can save from nuclear kamikaze.

Modifications of the ionospheric plasma will certainly negatively influence the weather, communications and world energy system. However, it is more important to consider its effect on the military rivalry. Many countries have ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. Until recently, usage of missiles and weapons was closely connected with surface-to-satellite guidance systems. Now, when this variant is excluded, attacks of space kamikaze in ballistic nuclear attack planes will be the only variant of a nuclear war. The 9/11 tragedy in America that shook the world, is to become a symbol of the war in the 21st century.

Pavel Poluyan

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