Ukraine glorifies Nazism and defames Great Patriotic War in new history books

New textbooks on history are going to be published in Ukraine in the nearest future. Ukrainian officials from the Ministry for Education and Science said that the word combination 'Great Patriotic War' would not be mentioned in the new books and would be replaced with 'Second World War.'

Ukrainian nationalists from the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, who fought against the Red Army, were labeled as the fighters of the national movement for liberation in Ukraine . What about their cooperation with Nazi Germany?

Deputy head of Ukraine’s Ministry for Education and Science, Pavel Polyansky, said that there was nothing presumptuous about it.

“Everything is based on documents. We do not estimate anything in our textbooks. When we speak about Hitler’s Nazi Germany, we do not use such epithets as ‘anti-human dictatorship,” he said.

The official stressed out that schoolchildren were free to discuss the subject of Ukrainian nationalists at classes. However, his remarks about the absence of any estimations in the new textbooks contradicted to the official press release from his ministry. “The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists is a movement for liberation,” the document runs and mentions nothing about their cooperation with Nazis.

Until recently, the authors of textbooks on history in Ukraine tried not to write anything about the cooperation of the Ukrainian Nationalists with Nazis. President Viktor Yushchenko said that the organization was struggling both against the USSR and Nazi Germany. However, there is not even a document to prove that.

Nowadays, Ukrainian authorities say that those who cooperated with Nazi Germany should be labeled as national heroes. If the new textbooks were based on real documents, they would obviously unveil the truth about the role of Ukrainian nationalists in the war.

However, the Ukrainian authorities prefer to be neutral about Nazi Germany, which means that Ukraine attempts of glorify Nazism. Yushchenko would be jailed for such textbooks in Germany or Austria.

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Vadim Trukhachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov