Cold War Mentality Promoted by Western Media

Russian objections to the first wave of NATO expansion were rather muted. The second wave of NATO enlargement posed far more problems than the first wave. That wave saw NATO swallow up Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in 1999. The third wave of expansion included Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Then came the systematic dismantling of Yugoslavia by the western powers, who decided it would be a good idea to move the fanatic Islamic expansionism of Afghanistan into the heart of Europe in order to help accomplish this. After all, small statelets would be much easier to control and rob.

Yugoslavia was broken up, not into multiethnic states as Yugoslavia had been, but basically ethnically pure statelets. Only Serbia today, from the various regions of Yugoslavia, remains a truly multiethnic country. If that was not bad enough, Yugoslavia was savagely and brutally bombed until they agreed to remove their forces from the Serbian province of Kosovo. This was on the pretext that Albanian criminals and terrorists were being treated horribly by the bad, bad Serbian defenders.

Russia’s objections were disparaged and/or ignored by the west, as they behaved like bulls in a china shop, mowing down anyone who refused to obey and surrender to their will. Their media viciously promoted the idea that the Soviet Union had “collapsed” and that victory was theirs, they had “won” the Cold War.

Another campaign the western press and particularly the press in Britain have had fun with are the deaths of Anna Politovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko. The corporate media had the government of the Russian Federation tried and convicted without any evidence whatsoever. It just suited them to slander and libel the Russian Federation, thus creating the atmosphere of the Cold War once again.

It has been going heavy guns since then, accusing Russia of backsliding, dictatorship and all sorts of disgusting propaganda. It is also worth mentioning that the west thinks nothing of entertaining and harboring criminals and terrorists who have committed crimes against the Russian Federation.

The USA concocted the idea of placing a “missile shield” in Poland and the Czech Republic. This is after the brutalizing of Iraq and Afghanistan in a move to control the Middle East and its resources. The western corporate media now promotes the idea that the next target, Iran, is a threat to their “security.” This again is further encroachment towards the encircling of Russia, something only the blind and brainwashed cannot see for themselves.

Most Russians have the greatest affection for their country and their nation. They know their history, they know the heroes of their nation and the ones that made the nation suffer. They know their traditions, the greatness of their own culture and their songs. They know the greatness of their victory during the Great Patriotic War and the fantastic successes of the Russian space program.

What is even more important, they reject everything that disparages their country. It is not accidental that the Russian President and Prime Minister, active supporters of Russian democracy, enjoy such popularity. Russia shall not and will not tolerate any further encroachments or lies. That was demonstrated by the events in August, when the US and their Georgian friends decided to shame themselves by stepping over the line and push Russia too far. Hopefully they have learned their lesson.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey