Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Palestine can do nothing but create problems for everyone around

The Israeli lashing of Palestine enters its fourth day. Few people believed that Israel would dare to launch a massive operation against the terrorist enclave in the Gaza Strip. Over 1,500 people inhabiting the war-torn territory have been slaughtered in the operation so far. It is worthy of note that the military structures of Egypt and Israel coordinate their actions in the process. Hamas is not likely to receive any assistance from other Arab and non-Arab allies.

“The far-sighted policies of Hamas terrorists have brought their fruit again. The terrorists now reap what they have been sowing – they now have Operation Cast Lead to harvest,” Israeli scientist of politics Ilya Dubinsky told

The Gaza Strip was developing steadily prior to the beginning of the Israeli operation. Common Arab workers were working day and night on the key item of their import – Qassam rockets. The terrorists have fired hundreds of rockets against Israel during the so-called truce. Hamas eventually decided to single-handedly end the truce, but it did not seem to be the reason for Israel to bomb Gaza in return. It seemed that Israel would patiently endure the attacks against its towns. As usual, Israeli officials were making their warnings and nothing could indicate the beginning of massive bombings.

Israel eventually attacked the headquarters and ammunition depots of Hamas. One of the terrorist generals ended his career during the “fireworks” in the sky.

It goes without saying that Israel could no longer stand the never-ending missile fire of its border territory. Hamas was reinforcing its arsenal during the truce. The infinite hatred of its leaders to the Zionist regime could not let them live without terrorist acts against Israel , not even for a month. When they finally ended the truce, they let their feelings out and launched 200 rockets at a time against Israel . Tel Aviv ran out of patience.

The inability of Ehud Olmert’s government to normalize the situation with the help of countless concessions to the Palestinians, including the pullouts of numerous settlements, has resulted in the crisis of power in the country. The crisis is expected to end in February 2009, when Israel goes to the polls.

The Palestinian administration ignored and even despised all the goodwill gestures from their Israeli “counterparts.” In return, they fired missiles at the town of Ashkelon , about 15 kilometers north of Gaza . The missile attacks intensified after the Israelis left the Gush Katif community. The Palestinians previously demanded the settlement be returned to them, but they made a terrorist base of the town instead.

The current operation marks the first time since the end of the Second Lebanese War, when the Israeli Armed Forces conducts such large-scale military actions outside the nation. Hamas suffers severe losses. The administration of the terrorist organization has acknowledged the loss of at least 180 of its gunmen.

It is worthy of note that Hamas obtained up-to-date weapons with Iran ’s help. The new missiles give a possibility to increase the combat radius and precision.

Israel’s military actions have been successful so far, but the country seems to be unable to take advantage of the situation. That is why Israel gives a serious consideration to the ground campaign to clear the Gaza Strip of terrorists and destroy their infrastructure. Needless to say that the operation may lead to serious losses, taking into consideration the fact that the possession of Kalashnikov assault rifles is considered absolutely normal in the country.

On the other hand, it will be impossible for Israel to destroy the terrorist infrastructure in Palestine completely. Israel will have to occupy Gaza to achieve the goal. Another variant can be possible - to occupy the territory and leave, leaving Mahmoud Abbas at power, although his Fatah group tries not to miss an opportunity to conduct a terrorist act against Israel either.

The lashing of the Gaza Strip may trigger another large-scale war in the region. It does not seem to be likely for the time being. Hamas’s Arab allies only set out their concerns and anger regarding the “Israeli aggression” at best. In the worst case scenario they can act like Egypt, which blocked Gaza on its border and took a passive part in the counter-terrorist operation.

What happened to the Arab unity? Nothing special to mention. Palestine irritates Egypt, Jordan and even Lebanon . Does anyone needs these “brothers” who cando nothing but create problems for everyone around?

Iran does not hurry to wipe Israel off the map of the world either, despite the previously made notorious promises. Words and actions may not always mix. This way or other, the phantom of the Mideastern peaceful regulation is gone.

Sergei Balmasov