USA made USSR collapse, now it’s Ukraine’s turn, communists say

US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, who said that America had never had any plans to dismember the USSR and Russia, was not sincere in his statements. As a matter of fact, the USA harbors plans to split Ukraine too, the leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Pyotr Simonenko said in an interview with Novy Region news agency.

“One needs to understand that the whole politics of the United States, which the country has been running during the recent ten years, shows that America defends its strategic interests in every spot on the globe. They either use financial and economic sanctions or an armed conflict to achieve their goals,” the official said.

“They also set goals for the “fifth column” in Ukraine, which splits the nation into two. A possible dismemberment of Ukraine is not just a threat. This plan is being implemented already,” Simonenko said .

“They exacerbate the situation around the Crimea Peninsula, Ukraine’s NATO membership and the fate of our Orthodoxy. Ukraine is being divided into eastern and western Ukraine,” the official said.

“The Orthodox blood was first shed in 1991, and Orthodoxy was split into three different branches. Nowadays, Yushchenko takes efforts to aggravate the situation by means of canonizing the Kiev Patriarchy,” Simonenko said.

“Ukraine is being dismembered economically too. The country has been divided into donor regions and those regions which consume the things, which the eastern part of the country makes. All these processes will be intensified in the nearest future,” the chairman of the Ukrainian Communist Party said.

US Ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, stated that the US administration had never planned to dismember the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. The US diplomat made the statement during a talk show aired on Ukraine’s Inter TV channel. Valery Bevz, a deputy of the Communist Party of Ukraine, said prior to Taylor’s remarks that there was documented evidence to prove the plans of the US administration to split the USSR and present-day Russia into several independent states.

Taylor strongly protested to such a statement. “I’ve never heard anyone saying anything about the plans to dismember Russia or the USSR,” he said. The official continued with saying that president-elect Barack Obama would continue supporting Ukraine’s independence. “The decisive support to Ukraine will not change, there are no doubts about that,” he said.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov