US-led aggression in Syria triggers bigger sales of Russian arms

The conflict in Iraq is no longer restricted with its borders. The USA committed an act of aggression against Syria. Spokespeople for the US administration justify their actions with the notorious struggle against terrorism. Washington thus continues to unite Islamic countries against the United States. Following the US-led incursion, Syria decided to expand the list of weapons which the country purchases from Russia.

Nine civilians were killed and 14 injured (including women and children) as a result of the US aggression against Syria, an official statement from Damascus said.

Four US military helicopters conducted the attack. Three Apache choppers opened fire at a building on the territory of Syria. Afterwards, ten US commandoes cleared the object, exterminated every living being there and returned to their base in Iraq.

It goes without saying that Syria was more than just concerned about those events. US and Iraqi ambassadors were summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Syria to explain the aggressive actions. Surprisingly enough, Damascus officials blamed mostly Iraq and asked the country to investigate the events and bar the USA from conducting any operations on the territory of Syria in the future.

The US-led attack took place in the village of Abu Kamal, which is a large transit and customs center of the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Iraqi town of Qaim, which is considered to be a stronghold of the anti-American resistance in the west of Iraq, is located nearby.

Nothing distinctive followed from the US administration to explain what exactly happened in Syria . US officials only said that the special operation had been conducted against an al-Qaida base.

“It goes without saying that one has to consider the situation against the background of Iraqi events only. One may not exclude the fact that the US military struck a terrorist training base. The US is currently busy with establishing law and order in the Sunni regions of the country, where foreign mercenaries also operate,” Sergei Demidenko, an expert specializing in the Arab world told

“It is not going to develop into global confrontation. It is a wholly political issue. There are no facts to prove that Bashar Assad’s regime supports terrorism. The situation is similar to that in Saudi Arabia, where some sheikhs, but not the king, sponsor terrorism. It is worthy of note that Syrian President Assad has many pro-Western politicians in his team. Assad himself studied in the West, he is not a military man, he has no hawkish ambition and he shares pro-Western views, no matter how strange it may seem,” the expert added.

There is nothing surprising about the fact that foreign guerrillas make their way to Iraq via Syria . Jordan lies on their way too, although this country is traditionally believed to be a US ally in the region. However, the US tends to blame only Syria at this point and keep silence about Jordan. It has become a tradition for the United States to forgive its allies and punish the infidels.

The recent raid has become USA’s first open ground operation in Syria. Western media outlets said that the USA was hunting for foreign mercenaries in Syria. However, official spokespeople for the Syrian authorities said that there were neither military objects nor terrorist bases in the attacked region. Furthermore, it was said that the US commandoes had attacked Syrian civilians who were building a farm in the area.

It is worthy of note that it is not the first time, when Syria tries to defend itself making references to farms. Israel destroyed the fruit of nuclear cooperation between Syria and North Korea in September 2007 – the object was built under the guise of a farm too.

Some experts said that the USA made a mistake with its attack against a civil object in Syria. This point of view withstands no criticism, for this “mistake” was made on the territory of a sovereign state, whose relations with the United States can not be described as positive. The USA has already made such a “mistake” before when it invaded the oil-rich Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction.

The US administration has obtained its profit from the events in Syria. The mystical al-Qaida started “working” again, whereas the struggle against terrorism is the last opportunity for the outgoing US president to justify the disastrous Iraqi campaign. Every fight to defeat terrorism can bring additional votes for Bush’s Republican successor John McCain.

In the meantime, Syria has already contacted Moscow with a request to launch the deliveries of military hardware, including up-to-date missile complexes. It is not ruled out that the USA was sounding out Syria’s defensive abilities.

Sergei Balmasov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov