Ukraine and Georgia not let into NATO

The representatives of NATO couldn’t agree on whether to let the former USSR republics in NATO or not. The US and Canada that voted for their entry, were strongly opposed by Germany and France.

On Wednesday afternoon the members of the Alliance couldn’t decide on whether to give Membership Action Plans (MAP) to Ukraine and Georgia.

NATO’s official spokesman James Appathurai supposed that on the 3-day summit in Bucharest, Romania, the decision on whether to welcome Georgia and the Ukraine in NATO or not will not be made.

“NATO is divided on Georgia and the Ukraine”, - he adds. The majority agreed, but Germany and France considered it too early to grant both states the action plan status.

The USA and Canada support Georgia’s and Ukraine’s NATO bid. However, the question on letting Croatia and Albania in NATO wasn’t so controversial. The members of the Alliance invited these countries to join NATO.

It was expected that another country of the Baltic Sea, Macedonia, will be invited to join the alliance on the summit. However, Greece blocked an invitation to Macedonia because of a row over former Yugoslav republic’s name. NATO spokesman underlined that it is too early to put a full stop over the question of Macedonia joining NATO. It is quite possible that this country will become the member of the Alliance in the near future.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova

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Author`s name Alex Naumov