Venezuela’s Chavez offers George W. Bush to seek help in asylum

Venezuelan President released another attention-catching remark about his long-time foe U.S. President George W. Bush. Chavez also attacked Spanish King Juan Carlos I, with whom he had recently come into conflict in Chile’s capital Santiago. Chavez blasted the U.S. and Spanish leaders visiting Paris and Lisbon, ITAR-TASS reports.

The Venezuelan president stated in Paris that George W. Bush should be placed in an asylum for his comments about a possibility to start Third World War if Iran developed nuclear weapons. In Lisbon Chavez said that the Spanish King could not make up with the fact that Latin American countries (former Spanish colonies) were led by descendants of Indians, just like Chavez himself.

"Bush spoke of the possibility of this Third World War and the use of the atom bomb," Chavez told a news conference in Paris, where he met his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy.

"A Third World War? With an atom bomb? He said it, with an atom bomb. There would be no more world. The world would end. Humanity would no longer exist. I think he has to be put in an asylum. He has to be put in an asylum," he said, speaking through an interpreter.

Speaking of King Juan Carlos of Spain, Hugo Chavez said that he could understand the king because he could not stand Indians in power. King Juan Carlos sparked a diplomatic row earlier this month at a summit in Chile when he told Chavez to "shut up." The king told Chavez "Why don't you shut up?" after Chavez attacked former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar as a fascist.

"I think he is not used to hearing so many truths together. Latin America is changing, there is an Indian president ... I am half Indian."

"We were left for many years, 300 years of genocide, so when the Indians rise up and we say the truth it doesn't go down well," Chavez said. "Because of that the king lost patience and exploded and was aggressive towards me."

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov