US drops MOAB on Afghanistan to cover traces

ISIS fighters have lost 36 people as a result of the US strike against their base in Afghanistan. Key cashes of terrorists and a complex of tunnels have also been destroyed. As the Afghan Defence Ministry reported, there were no victims among peaceful civilians.

The US claimed overnight that the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast has been used operationally for the first time in Afghanistan. The bomb is also known as the Mother of All Bombs. As they said in the Pentagon, the strike was carried out on the Achin region of the Nangarhar province Thursday. The aim was ISIS fighters and system of tunnels they used.

The US President Donald Trump said the strike was a very successful mission.
Meanwhile former CIA agent Edward Snowden revealed what the Americans bombed in Afghanistan in reality. According to him, they struck tunnels building of which was funded by the US. The New York Times has also written that construction of the base for Mujahideen had been funded by the CIA.