US readies to fight for the Arctic

US readies to fight for the Arctic

The US conducts active research in the Arctic to reinforce its military presence there in the future. In particular, a Roadmap envisages glaciers which will be melted in 20 years. It comprises data on readiness of the fleet to act in the Arctic, as well as on rescue operations, security at see, control, communications, gathering and processing of information. This has been revealed by the National Interest with a reference to Martin Jeffries, Adviser to the Office of Naval Research. As he said, they studied the Arctic with the help of underwater devices and tried to forecast when America would have to increase the number of combat vessels in the area.

And they could not do without data on the 'Russian threat'. It is noted that the Russian Navy intends to build-up its military presence in the region, Russia has a lot of large ice-breakers and after glaciers are melted, the Russian vessels will be able to reach the North America quicker.

But the US tries not to fall behind. Military equipment is being designed which would be able to operate under the terms of low temperature, snow and ice. Technologies which would secure more effective work of weapons and detectors in the Arctic are also being developed.

As Pravda.Ru reported, it has become known that the Russian patrol vessels in the Arctic zone, known as 'Combat ice-breakers' of the Project 23550, will be equipped with up-to-date AK-176MA stealth guns. Thus, the Russian marines will obtain an all-purpose combat unit, which comprises capabilities of a tug, patrol vessel and an ice-breaker. It will be able to operate both in the Tropics and overcome a 1.5m-wide ice; as well as carry out artillery shelling against sea, coastal and air targets.


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