US to ‘conquer Russia’ with soldiers’ education and uniform

Russia's reunification with the Crimea has influenced budget of the US Department of Defence for the year of 2017. Report on the US defensive policy, which was presented by the Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, says that because of revival of Russia and its aggressive politics, they will have to put every effort into suppression of the Kremlin's growing influence. It presupposes a build-up of combat forces in the territory of Europe. If it was not necessary before, now, taking into account growing influence and 'aggression' of Russia, it is just essential, the report says. Beside that, the US Armed Forces need a 'strong and balanced strategic approach to suppress Russia'. That is the name of a chapter dedicated to the Russian Federation. It should be noted that the Department demanded $3.4bln for 2017 to 'suppress Russia's aggression', that is four times as many as in 2016, when the sum made up $789m. The money will be directed at education of new military contingents, new uniform, a comfortable one which would let soldiers return home safe and sound, and the increase of the US Armed Forces units which are engaged against our country, including reservists.