EU fears thaw between US and Russia

A phone talk between the Russian president Vladimir Putin and newly elected President of the US Donald Trump has marked a 'new era' in the US-Russia relations and caused panic among the EU leaders.
According to Trump, he'll personally oversee a constructive cooperation between two rival superpowers. In course of the talk the Republican also promised closer cooperation with the Russian leader on international issues, and outlined in this way a significant thaw in relations between Moscow and Washington.
According to estimations of the Daily Express, such development of events cannot but disturbs Brussels, which is more and more afraid of the new US Administration's driving European politics out. The EU leaders understand that reinforcement of relations between Moscow and Washington do not bode well for adherents of the anti-Russian policy.
Attacks on Trump, which have increased after results of the US elections had been announced, also evidence Brussels' fears. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, claimed for instance that election of a magnate as head of the US posed a threat to global security.